Have You Ever?

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Have You Ever?

have you ever

  • Have you ever crawled along with your baby all round the drawing room?
  • Have you ever recited a nursery rhyme with actions along with your little one?
  • Have you ever blown soap bubbles while bathing your child?
  • Have you ever played building blocks or puzzles with your child?
  • Have you ever done crayon coloring with your little artist?
  • Have you ever built sand castles with your kids?
  • Have you ever made your tongue pink by sucking a lollipop with your child?
  • Have you ever got wet in the first drops of rain and made paper boats in the puddles with your child?
  • Have you ever played hide and seek, hop scotch, kho kho with your child?
  • Have you ever played street cricket with your kids and their friends?
  • Have you ever seen Tom and Jerry with your kids and laughed your lungs out loud?
  • Have you ever played doll games and house house with your daughters?
  • Have you ever told fantasy and fairy tales to your children?
  • Have you ever had bicycle adventures with your child?
  • Have you ever have had pillow fights with your kids?

Well if you haven’t; how can we blame our kids for not being kids anymore and growing up too fast? Today in the modern, hi-tech, internet world, children are the ones who are affected as it has resulted in us having little adults around us.

Agreed kids today are much smarter, well aware and more responsible than what we were at their age but in the process one of the most important thing they have lost is their simple childlike innocence. Though we belong to the so called dumber generation, one thing most of us cherish is our simple fun filled, carefree, childhood days which kids these days rarely experience.

The reasons being:-

  • Over exposure to gadgets, television, video games which makes them bound indoors most of the time.
  • Cramming them with too much knowledge (more than necessary) and activities, so that they can be the dream super child for their parents.
  • Behavior of the parents at home where in the presence of the children they use bad language or discuss about people or issues unsuitable for them.
  • Expecting the child to do things right and perfectly and at all times thereby crippling their creative instincts.
  • Parents being too busy to notice and nurture the child in the growing up years.

It is in the hands of the parents to make their children have a fulfilling childhood by telling them right things at the right time and telling it in the right way, monitor what they watch on television, internet and so on and so forth. All keep an eye on the company they keep and provide scope and opportunities for them in a safe manner to pursue simple pleasures. A large responsibility is on the parents to create wonderful memories for their kids. So the final question is- In order to let your child be a child HAVE YOU EVER BEEN LIKE A CHILD WITH THEM?

Athena Mira

School free parenting is never in focus. Somewhere in the rat race of schools and marks there is a lot more that we miss our. To catch up on more try Not a puppet but an individual and Dear God, Please give me a son.

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3 Responses

  1. Indrani says:

    Parenthood is such a big responsibility, sometimes I worry if I am doing it the right way. I have done on some of the activities mentioned in the top list :(
    I have to learn to be a child again. :)

  1. October 27, 2014

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