Helen Keller- The One Who Paved The Way To Light

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Helen Keller- The One Who Paved The Way To Light 

HELEN KELLERIs it easy to leave a place or your mother land and settle down somewhere else? The answer is; it’s not. First and foremost we need to learn the language of the country we are moving to. What if you moved to a country whose language you just couldn’t understand and learn???? This is what kids face when they are born deaf blind. If we don’t know the language we will try to signal what we want, which these kids cannot do as they cannot see. When signals fail we try to learn the other language but again these kids cannot do that as they cannot hear. Imagine if you were left in a world where no one can understand you and you cannot understand anyone else either. For those of you who have seen the movie Black; you may be able to visualize what these kids feel.

Black absolute darkness was what was in the life of Helen Keller. She was not born blind and deaf. She was nineteen months old when she got something which might have been meningitis or scarlet fever. This left her sightless and took away her ability to hear as well. The only plus in her life was that her family did not give up on her. They took her to a doctor, who suggested they get in touch with Alexander Graham Bell, who in turn linked them to Perkins Institute for the Blind, where they met another person with special needs. This special person was the one who brought education and light back into Helens life; Anne Sullivan. She was twenty years older than Helen and had visual imparity but she became the instructor of Helen who was then seven years old.

Anne worked with Helen for a very long time before she made a break through. Since Helen could not use two of her main senses, the sense of sight and the sense of sound; Anne used her sense of touch to teach her. She kept writing words on her hands which Helen did not understand and would get angry and agitated as well. Anne Sullivan had brought her a doll and the first word she wrote on her hands was “doll” too.

The touch of running water one day was the spark which brought communication into her life. She didn’t stop that day she pestered Anne to teach her all the words which she used to surround her immediate world. This teacher student relation grew into companionship and that too for a span of nearly for decades. Even when Anne said good bye to this world her student was right there next to her.

Helen grew up and became the first deaf blind to earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She was twenty four years of age then. Once she achieved this feat, she didn’t stop. She set herself one target after the other and became a world famous author and speaker. She worked for many causes and even started the Helen Keller International Organization.

Life delivers us many nasty blows. She too was dealt a hand which just said give up; she decided otherwise and did not give up. Today she is the reason that many of our near and dear ones who are specially abled are able to achieve various feats in life.

All it requires from you and me is not to be biased or prejudiced. Each one of us may not have someone with special needs in our homes but we do meet them or see them in malls, roads or at our workplaces. Let’s just learn to communicate with them and give them a chance to change the thought process of others and us too. Please watch this video to learn a little sign language, just the basics so that we can communicate at least. 

 Athena Visheshta

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  1. badrinath_t says:

    I didnt know the movie black was a copy of her life story…leaving the teacher is a male in the movie. Cool :)

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