How has Nirbhaya affected us – The Parents?

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How has Nirbhaya affected us – The Parents?

 It’s been more than a year since the brutal murder of Nirbhaya. There has been some good that has come out. More rapes are being reported. Women are little bit more careful. Auto drivers are helping women by stopping and picking up girls and not leaving them alone in lonely streets. The death penalty has been given to her rapists. The Juvenile who is capable of murdering her is sitting in jail at least for now. One of the Delhi gang rape convicted rapist committed suicide.

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Image Courtesy Google

Is this enough? Should you and I be satisfied with the amount of change that has come in? My answer is no. Athenas Nirbhaya did make a start but there is still a lot more to be done from our ends. We the parents have to change a lot. When I talk about change I am talking about change in our thinking and in our mentality and in our attitude towards girl related issues.

1.       Change your thinking about clothes

Whenever a boy misbehaves with a girl we blame the girls and say that why does she have to wear such clothes? There are women who are raped in villages too and their clothes are sure not sexy or inviting. It’s not about restricting your daughters and their style of dressing. It’s about educating her and letting her know the difference between beautiful and slutty. It’s also about educating your sons that no matter what he has no rights to comment or make fun of or criticize a girl’s clothes.

2.       Listen to your daughters

When your kid comes to you and tells you about someone touching her or misbehaving with her, do not shut her up. Instead get up and take action against the one harming her. It’s not only girls who face this problem a lot of small and young boys too face molesting. Teach your kids no matter what their age or sex about good touch and bad touch.

3.       Keep communication lines open

A child who is having a problem must be in a state to come and share his or her problems with you. Do not be judgmental and blame the kid for no error of theirs. If you have a daughter and are getting a lot of blank calls, it’s not that your daughter has gone out with fliers of your residential number to all that she knows. Sit down with your sons and teach them courage to call and speak to a girl like a gentleman and not to drop missed calls like a road side Romeo. Always be friendly with your kids so that they can communicate with you and warn you if there is any problem.

4.       Have faith

Faith and trust is more than important in a parent child relationship. Only when they trust you will they confide in you. Secrets in your kid’s closet may be dangerous, it’s better if that secret is safe with you and you are aware.

5.       Stay Alert

Be alert at all times and keep an eye on any symptom that you feel may spell trouble. Don’t send your kids to places that you are not safe. If they want to go for a movie, sometimes you might not be able to say no. Take the pains and the time to drive them to and back from the location. Don’t make fun of them or show distrust or else they will go into a shell.

A little bit from our end and a little from theirs and we can surely keep our daughters safe from rape and our sons away from trouble or jail.

 Athena Visheshta

Its been a year since Nirbhaya the brave soul woke up India to a huge cause – Safety of women. To read more try Nirbhaya- The AftermathWho’s to blame? and She sells sea shells, not her.

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9 Responses

  1. Indrani says:

    Good points Athena. It is time we brought a change in the outlook to improve the situation.

  2. Nice Points but I think problem is much Bigger and solving it is a difficult task.

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