How Safe Are Our Kids?

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Even before the furor over the December 16 Delhi gang-rape could completely die down, the nation’s capital was rocked by another horrendous crime. A heinous, unthinkable horror inflicted upon a defenseless little girl no more than 5 years old. Once again, protests rocked the capital. But no amount of protests and demonstrations will help unless the lawmakers show a little courage and bring in tougher laws and punishments for crimes against women.

I’m waiting to hear the opinions of all those who routinely claim that women are responsible for crimes committed against them. I REALLY want to hear them explain how this young child could have provoked these brutal, unspeakable acts against her. Do you know why these people are silent just now? Because the monster that brutalized this child is just that: a sadistic, perverted monster. And the detractors know pretty well if they come out trying to blame this innocent little child, the nation will turn against them in a heartbeat.

So how safe are our children? Pedophiles seem to be everywhere; at home, in the streets, at school and at play areas. There’s no guarantee that if a child leaves the house in the morning, she’ll come back unharmed and untouched. What can we do to protect them from the sick perverts who prey on innocent children? We can teach them the difference between good and bad touch and how to recognize bad touch, but beyond that, we’re at a loss. Because, even if we put our kids in self-defense classes, how can we expect a kid to defend herself against a fully grown predator?

We need to give this issue serious thought. Even if tougher laws are put in place, it’s only damage-control. We need to think of a way to PREVENT such heinous, brutal crimes from happening.

I’m waiting to hear your ideas, my fellow Athenas.


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5 Responses

  1. shee_shee12345 says:

    The fear of death or dire consequences needs to be brought into the hearts and minds of these monsters. If it was in my hands I would say, these monsters should be shot in public. Only if they have fear will they stop or else this place is never going to be safe for our kids.

  2. badrinath_t says:

    7 years in prison is not enough. I would say the Indian govt should cancel their and citizen ship and throw them out. Our law enforcers are scared of hanging people or giving any sort of death sentence. Only India keeps and feeds its prisoners better than the population of our country.

  3. Aadhya says:

    I completely agree with you Mr. Badrinath_t

  4. sreenivasan says:

    My vote goes to castration followed by what badrinath_t says

  5. diana says:

    Simply throwing them out of the country is not the answer, they have to be thrown out piece by piece.

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