Inspiring Change – Where to Start?

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Inspiring Change – Where to Start?

Since the last few days we have been discussing about Women’s day we decided to pick up some inspiration from the International Women’s day theme for the year 2014- “ Inspiring Change”.

Picture Courtesy Google

Picture Courtesy Google

Many of you ladies must be wondering there is so much of change happening around us and it’s so difficult to keep up and now you want some more change. Well Inspiring change is important and we at Athenastake are just going to try and inspire some of you all to take a good look at yourselves. Check all the departments and let’s not forget the beauty department as well. Look where we are lacking and push ourselves to make some positive changes.

Change is constant and so I am positive that we all will surely have some place of the other where we need to work on and improve in our lives. Pay special attention to your health. Are you doing that? Okay let me ask you a few questions and let’s see are you taking care of yourself?

  1. How much is your hemoglobin count?
  2. Have you checked your bone density?
  3. When was the last time you had a mammography done?
  4. Are you anemic?
  5. Have you taken treatment for your back ache?
  6. When was the last time you checked your eye sight?
  7. Are you having problems like excess bleeding or irregular periods and what are you doing about it?
  8. Are you over weight or underweight and what are you doing about it?
  9. Are you suffering from severe hair loss?
  10. Most important of all are you feeling tired?

Now, be honest and I am sure that the answer to most of these questions I don’t know, never checked, I am too busy, the kids are at home, I am fine now will check when there is a problem, I am not over weight I just love food and so on and so forth.

As the lady of the house, if you aren’t healthy; slowly and steadily it will take a toll on everything including your relationships. Inspire change within yourself. Look after your health. Try to lead a healthy life style. The next hurdle here is where is the time? Well sweeties, time and tide wait for none, I am sure you learnt this in school so why do you want time to wait now? Take charge and make the time required. Head out for a walk; follow all that you can to keep yourself healthy and fit.

In the questions listed above there are many which are more than vital, it could even mean life or death. Don’t delay checkups and ignore yourself. Make it a point to regularly check for symptoms. If there is a new vaccine in the market, don’t hesitate head out to your doctor and get it. Prevention is better than cure, don’t just teach that to your children follow it.

I can only write this post but the power is in your hands. Take this seriously and decide to get inspired and make that much needed change.

Athena Visheshta

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9 Responses

  1. Fayaz Pasha says:

    A very good post Visheshta. This is one major aspect that is neglected by most women. They take care and look after everyone except themselves. Having a weekly, monthly, yearly schedule for themselves would go a long way in improving their health. Most women depend upon cosmetics to beautify themselves but it is more important to take care of the internal organs that will not only add to good health but external beauty too.

    One more question to add to the above list is about thyroid problems. Women are five to eight times more likely to have thyroid dysfunction than men, but most don’t know they have it.Some of the symptoms are as below:


    Weight loss, even if you eat the same or more food
    Eating more than usual
    Rapid or irregular heartbeat or pounding of your heart
    Trouble sleeping
    Trembling in your hands and fingers
    Increased sweating
    Increased sensitivity to heat
    Muscle weakness
    More frequent bowel movements
    Less frequent menstrual periods with lighter than normal menstrual flow


    Weight gain, even though you are not eating more food
    Increased sensitivity to cold
    Muscle weakness
    Joint or muscle pain
    Fatigue (feeling very tired)
    Pale dry skin
    A puffy face
    A hoarse voice
    Excessive menstrual bleeding

  2. Indrani says:

    Truly Health is Happiness!
    It is necessary to do regular checks and I realized this some time back.
    Great post on creating awareness.

  3. mira says:

    a healthy body is key to a healthy mind. health is wealth and it our duty to take care of ourselves so that we can efficiently take care of our family.

  4. Diana says:

    Good post. Every single point well-thought out.

    P. S. It’s high time to practice what you preach, Visheshta!!!

  5. ayesha says:

    A healthy body is god’s greatest gift. It gives you the freedom to pursue your goals. Yet we ignore it until we are unable to go about our daily work. Looking after ourselves is not a selfish thing. And going the extra mile for that slim look is sure healthy and makes you feel good. Good post.

    • Diana says:

      It’s not just about being slim. It’s plain common sense to be fit and fine for our sake as well as for the sake of those around us.

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