Is Politics A Men’s Game???

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Is Politics A Men’s Game???

Hello Athenas! The other day, I was surfing through news channels and almost all were showing German Chancellor Angela Merkel being re-elected. This set me thinking. India no doubt has its fair share of smart women capable of leading the nation. Yet, we see but a paltry few willing to throw their hats into the political arena. I began wondering why. Is it due to lack of self-confidence? No, that doesn’t seem quite right. Our women have demonstrated their ability to be leaders in various fields, and politics is just another field. So it’s not a question of self-confidence or lack of leadership qualities. Then what could it be?IS POLITICS A MENS GAME

I had quite a stimulating conversation with a few smart women over lunch which may be the answer to this question. Shilpa, a young advertising professional, looked at me as if I had suddenly sprouted horns on my head. “Sure Diana, I sometimes feel like running for office, but then, what’s the point?” I pressed her to explain further. She went on to ask me what chance a woman with reformist views stood against an electoral mass whose minds were dulled by the promise of freebies made by established political bigwigs. I could totally see where she was coming from.

Sameera, a respected lawyer, chimed in. “These days, women are being blamed for anything bad that happens to them. Imagine the amount of brickbats a woman leader would receive if she was at the helm during a financial crisis such as the one we are experiencing currently. People would be quick to say, ‘Oh she’s a woman and that’s why she has allowed the country to get into such a mess.’ But tell me, where’s the hue and cry now?”

Asha, a chartered accountant, nodded her agreement. “Besides,” she said, “even if we don’t mind the brickbats being hurled at us, each and every move we make will be under a microscopic scanner. Since we’re women, the margin for making errors is non-existent. One mistake and the country will be baying for our blood. And all because we are women. It’s a battle we face everywhere and more often than not, come out victorious. But in the political arena, it’s no holds barred. It’s not really fair, you know.”

I said thoughtfully, “I agree. Even if one survives the mud-slinging and being constantly under a microscope, even the good we accomplish will not be appreciated. It’s hard to survive that.”

“So it’s no wonder most Indian women shy away from politics even if they have the capability,” summed up Sameera. “Discrimination against us has to stop. Remember the Battle Royale which took place when the Women’s Bill calling for 33% reservation for women was tabled before Parliament? My question is, why is there even a need for such a bill? This nation must automatically get behind any women who can be a strong, shrewd leader and has a clean record.”

“Well said, dear friend,” we applauded.


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8 Responses

  1. Harsha says:

    To stand out we must not care what others think about us..Most of the time we were left behind because we think What Others will Say?.
    Politics is certainly not an easy arena..But then again to make India a Better Country,We must come out of the odds and this applies to Women as well..And I don’t think Politics is only Men’s Game because see the current scenario–When Sonia Gandhi was leading Congress it was going quite well..But as soon as Rahul Gandhi came into the Picture,Congress is not the same it happens to be..Sonia Gandhi was able to Lead because she came out off the odds..Even her family was in politics but to rise to the top is not an easy task,In such case The Women must follow her(I mean following her to stand against the odds)

  2. shee_shee12345 says:

    Loved the way you cleared it that we should follow her in beating the odds only. Its a difficult arena and the idea behind working on this was to basically make many other women like me actually consider this as a career and take on the reigns of this country.

  3. There are lots of hurdles and few rewards in what can only be described as a dirty game in India. However, there are women of will who have managed to surmount these odds and rise above all kinds of prejudice and scrutiny and whatnot. I’m not saying that it’s easy and i’m not saying that it cannot be done. What I’m merely trying to say is that somewhere down the line it also takes that kind of a willingness and courage to face obstacles from all quarters. It might be very bleak out there but a few women have made it and whatever be the circumstances, they have shown that it can be done. And obviously, there are no sort of rules. if you want to play in the muck, get ready to go down and get dirty. Yes, policies need to change but the change can only come with initiative.

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      When we look at Indian women in politics we most often then not look at them with negative thoughts but yes there are few who have had the courage to make a statement and make change. I cannot take anything away from the chief ministers of Tamil Nadu and Delhi. These ladies are doing the needful and man what respect they command. I think like how actors care a damn about their image( its only publicity that counts) in the same way one who wishes to enter politics must forget about personal image etc and focus on doing what is right.

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