Just The Man In The House Or The Super Dad

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Just The Man In The House Or The Super Dad

JUST A MANCaptain Simran was married to dashing, handsome, intelligent and extremely talented Major Raj. Unfortunately they were not destined to stay together for too long. In a combat operation, Major Raj lost his life. They had a little daughter Samhita who was just five years old.

Simran was a strong lady and decided that remarriage was not an option she would be a father and a mother to her kid. Things were pretty normal within a year. Samhita though was having a tough time; she would often enquire about her father or would write miss you papa on little cards that she made. Seeing her daughter miss her father so much Simran decided to find out how other kids were managing? And most important at all do we need a man in the house or a super dad?

Little Zuben who is 6 said, it was his dad who taught him to spin a ball. His mom could only barely catch the ball.

Vinisha 8 years old says that it was her daddy who took out her fear for darkness.

Aditya’s mother says that it was her husband who taught him to jump, climb trees, do a cartwheel etc.

Ujjwal (12) said that it was his father who taught him to fight. He even asked her “should you punch a guy in different places or one?” When Simran didn’t know the answer he said “ my papa taught me different places is not that effective but when it comes to many punches in the same location your opponent will be hurt real bad”.

Shahina says it was her Abu who introduced her to books and today she is a voracious reader.

Sajjan says it was his father, who taught him to ride the cycle, then he trusted him and gave him the bike and now has taught him to even drive a car, he is 18 and is waiting for his license.

Varun says it is his dad who taught him punctuality. He is always on time and always looks so smart.

All these thoughts got Simran thinking. She thought about Raj and how he was as an individual. She always felt they were opposite poles. But then they both were different when they came together they were complete. In the absence of Raj Samhita would be exposed to only half of all that life has in store for her.

Who would teach her about finances? When she grew up who would teach her about boys and self defense? That day she made up her mind, to find a nice gentleman who would love Samhita and her and be the super dad.

Many of us Athenas feel, men cannot deliver kids and so they have no clue about them. I am sure that some of us feel that just the mother is enough and anyway it is we who are doing most of the tasks for the kids. A father is more than vital in a child’s life. He is a role model, a friend, a philosopher, a guide. He plays many roles and slowly, steadily and firmly moulds the future of his kids. We at Athenastake salute all the fathers in the world and know that our lives are as bright as they are because of you.

Athena Visheshta

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2 Responses

  1. badrinath_t says:

    The place of the father and mother are very important and it is mighty difficult for someone else to step in and fulfill the role with ease.

  2. shee_shee12345 says:

    As a kid when I cried or got beat up in school, it was my dad who taught me “fight your own battles”. Today when I am a parent and have parenting issue, its still my dad who guides me, not with huge lectures but small small vital tips and hints. I surely need a super dad at home, I am happy that I have one and extremely happy that my kids have one.

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