Man or Animal?

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Man or Animal?

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Image Courtesy Google

A week ago I was a talking to a couple of ladies residing in my apartment. The topic turned towards the issue that has been gripping the nation for the past six to eight months. “RAPE”.

The idea expressed by them was weird. “Why should she dress up in a tight T-shirt and a tight jean? Any man will feel like petting her….”

Are they for real? If a girl wears fitting dress then men will feel like putting their hand on her is it? I want to pose this question to all the people who think like this? How does a five year old girl or an eight year old girl TEMPT a man? How can a daughter tempt her father to brutally rob her of her innocence and mutilate her physically and emotionally?

Animals mate whenever they have the urge.  Do some men have such basic instincts that they are like animals?

Do you think that if they are “properly “dressed such acts of violence will not happen. A hundred years ago women in India never wore blouses. Did people take it as an opportunity to rape the women saying that they were indecently dressed?  How can we justify this argument that, men misbehave as women dress indecently, with innocent children who are still playing with their stuffed toys and kitchen set. Even their baby talk has not changed.

When we have men who could abuse a small child, do you think they are going to fold their hands in respect when women are dressed in a sari. According to me, sari is the most attractive and sexiest dress that a woman could wear.

How long are we going to find excuses for some deranged man who is worse than an animal by heaping the blame on the women? These men are not fit to live in the society; they are soulless, emotionless sociopaths.

There is a huge hue and cry when we come to know about women being raped? So what next?  The incidents that we come to know are just one in many. Everyday, every hour, every minute we do not where a woman or a child is abused and we want to talk about the way the woman dresses to address the issue.

A woman who is dressed smartly in a jeans and top is called provocative? How fair is it?

When stringent and strict measures have to be followed to curb this cancerous growth that is robbing the innocence of women we want to curtail the freedom of a women some more? Rape is an ugly term and men who indulge in it do not have a conscience or any kind of morality. Let us find ways and means to remove such men from society through such actions that it will inculcate the fear of gods in others who even think along those lines rather than asking the victim to run and hide. We are not and do not want to be victims any more.

Athena Chaitanya

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14 Responses

  1. Diana says:

    Well said, Chaitanya. Hats off to you! This is the same point I have been trying to get across for sooooooooooooo long! STOP BLAMING THE WOMEN FOR ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! If women’s clothes are the issue, does that mean no incidence of rape occurs in Arab countries??? Give me a break here!!!
    The so-called society needs to change its mindset and stop pointing fingers at someone who has already been brutalized and traumatized. IIt would be more fruitful if efforts were taken to remedy the situation and prevent such incidents from happening rather than looking for excuses to sweep the issue under the carpet.

  2. Chaitanya says:

    I agree with you Diana. Its time are stopped being blamed for everything that is happening to us.

  3. matheikal says:

    Ours is a sick civilisation. How on earth can a man even dream of having sex with a little child? They are animals, not men – you’re right.

  4. Harsha says:

    The only way to eradicated these sick minded,low morale Males from the Society is to give them Capital Punishment not by Law but by the hands of the Common People…

  5. Saru Singhal says:

    That’s what I say always. And that example of how women used to dress centuries ago is a perfect reply.

  6. uma says:

    Sad but true fact. Just blaming the others either by the dress they wear, make up they wore and the way they speak is nothing but showing the dominance of one gender’s thought on the other

  7. Sheela Pakianathan says:

    No excuses of age or mental stability can be given for such a heinous crime. Dress or scantly clothed is not the reason – it is basically a depraved mind and that is what makes them animals and the only remedy for such animals is put them to sleep ie hang them to death.

  8. Vidhi says:

    You should get published somewhere? You are a great writer and the thoughts you are sharing have a lot of meaning too :) good job..keep it coming..

  9. Let us see the verdict tomorrow

  10. Chaitanya says:

    Yes . Let us see what is going to happen tomorrow. Is it going to be a fair judgement?

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