Marriages – Made in Heaven???

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Marriages – Made in Heaven???

DOWRY“Marriages are made in heaven and solemnized on Earth.” How many of you out there still believe this? C’mon gals, I want an honest answer here. It’s time to face the truth. And the truth is. . .

That old adage is obsolete. Marriages nowadays depend upon how much dowry can be milked from the girl’s family. Did you know that if a boy holds a Master’s degree, he can command / demand a higher price from the bride’s family? So the equation goes like this:

High Qualification + High salary = ASTRONOMICAL DOWRY

Isn’t it incredible? So much for marriages being made in heaven! And oh before I forget. The bridegrooms’ and their families AREN’T the only culprits here. We should give credit where credit is due and acknowledge the crucial role played by the bride’s family in this wonderful parody, anti-dowry laws notwithstanding.

How many families actually file dowry harassment complaints against the families of prospective bridegrooms when cash and other items are demanded before marriage? Come now, we’re going for bared-to-the-bones honesty here. The truth is too difficult to articulate? Alright, I’ll save you the trouble. Girls’ families no longer pay dowry. Oh no, no, no, they don’t. Instead, they give “gifts” to their sons-in-law to keep their daughters comfortable. For example, some parents “gift” a car to their son-in-law so that he could drive their daughter around in comfort. Wow! (I wonder why the girl didn’t marry a driver in the first place.) And some families bestow their daughters with gold, diamonds, rubies, emeralds and pearls so that when THEIR daughters grow up and get married, the jewellery would come in handy. This folks; is future planning!!!

Why families can’t stand firm and say an emphatic NO when talk of dowry starts? Because their only concern is to get their daughters married off and off their hands at the earliest. Even in this day and age, when women are touching great heights, this folks, is the ugly and sad reality. If this state of affairs needs to change, parents with girl children should consider their daughters a blessing and not a burden to be ridden off at the earliest opportunity. After all, Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, is a woman, isn’t she?


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4 Responses

  1. shee_shee12345 says:

    Dear Diana……I love your equation. All my life I have had troubles with mathematics and equation but this one got to me loud and clear. I hope that other ladies and gentlemen pick up the right hints and not take this equation literally.

  2. badrinath_t says:

    Dowry is one issue that I am against. Being a free lance journalist I get to see a whole lot of cases and some really weird ones. In todays world if you are a teacher, you can ask for a bike and if you are a professor you can ask for a car. The most irritating thing is If you are man, how can you depend on your wife to fill your pocket?????

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