Means to Procreate or Much More

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Means to Procreate or Much More

We all just celebrated Women’s Day and it set me thinking, have we really progressed from the age, where women were viewed as a means to procreate?means to procreate or much more

Education has really made a difference in this aspect, but in rural and regressive societies, people do pull a face when baby girls are born. Female foeticide and infanticide are frightfully common in India even today but then some girls do make it past this stage. After the initial disappointment, girls are pretty much looked after as well as the boys, through kindergarten and primary school. The differences, though, begin here.

Where boys barring a few, get on with their studies, on courses of their choice, majority of girls end their education, when their school days come to an end or some are made to stop the day they attain puberty. If only girls are given a chance to pursue their education. Not just in terms of being eligible for some gainful employment, if need arises, but it really changes the personality of the girl, for the better. It gives them the confidence to face anything that life has to offer. As the saying goes, ‘knowledge makes a person unfit to be anybody’s slave’’. Knowledge is the one thing that will make her a better mother.

Later on, when a girl gets married, the whole mantle of house-hold responsibilities falls on her shoulders. She cooks, cleans, does laundry and later takes care of the kids. In short she takes care of everything that needs to be looked after. But the men treat them as little more than glorified house maids. Do men give women the respect or acknowledge what they do.

So from being born as an unwanted person they live a life ruled by the men around them. Which brings me back to the question are we only a means to procreate?

Creation or carrying life within is a boon given only to us women. It’s not just a task or a chore. I don’t know about the men folk from my generation but I can vouch for the kids of the coming generations. They do know and value us women, their mothers. This is because I have taken it upon me to bring up my kids equally. I have taken it upon me to not show any favoritism. I have taken it upon me to give my daughter an equal shot at life.

As we celebrate this week, take time to stop for a second and make a promise to yourself that the next generation is not going to face what you did. If you make a start many others will follow and what better a day than Women’s day to make this start?

Athena Ayesha

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17 Responses

  1. Fayaz Pasha says:

    A thought provoking post indeed. It is very true that girls and women endure hardship right from birth until marriage and post marriage we can say “Picture abhi baakhi hai”. The Society has molded itself religiously on customs and traditions and hence the pathetic situation. If only people had been truly religious they would have been the icons of the Society.

    Even the celebration of Women’s Day is a custom. 365 days should be women’s days and not just one. Do we need to show love and respect to our mother, wife or daughter only one day in a year. It is said that heaven lies at the feet of a mother. Even 365 days would be less to show our love, respect and honor.

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      Fayaz sir, my respect has gone up for you many times today. I respect the work that you are already doing. Are you into public speaking? I seriously feel you should do that. You could really make people understand your points and get them to change themselves too.

      • Fayaz Pasha says:

        Thank you Shee for your kind appreciation. I successfully held a workshop on “A Guide To Spouse Selection” and hope to have more workshops in future. My blog is my first attempt to reach people and share my views and bring awareness. I hope to reach out more people and let them know that life’s a splendid gift of God to humanity that needs to be lived in the most deserving manner by empowering people.

    • Diana says:

      Mr. Pasha, I salute you sir. If you know more men like you, with reformist mindsets, do point them the way to athenastake!! We could surely use the support and solidarity of people like you.

  2. shafiya says:

    This article is well written and clearly outlines the problems faced by women in every walks of life.Education is a good step towards making our society understand the value of a woman in their homes.Good start Ayesha.

  3. Indrani says:

    It is the future generations who can change this outlook towards women. Once that changes this society will progress! I have hope and faith on them

  4. ayesha says:

    Thank you so much for your appreciation. Hope the future shows us a pleasant change. And let us initiate the change that we wish for. And thank you, ‘Athena’s take’ for posting my article. A great platform to express our thoughts.

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      I firmly believe that only we women can help each other out. Pulling each other down will get us no where. Stretching out a hand will help in many ways. Athenastake stretched out to you and you grabbed it and I am sure that together we will reach higher and higher. Thank you for coming on board and bringing a new flavor to Athenastake, Ayesha.

  5. mira says:

    a home maker truly makes a house to a home infact Ayesha we have a bigger and more challenging job at hand than working outside. its high time men realize this and appreciate or else they are welcome to take a shot at it.

  6. Diana says:

    Hello Ayesha! Welcome to athenastake. Great debut blog. I for one believe that we’re much, much more than just a means to procreate.
    Even in my generation, when more and more girls are getting a decent education, the number of girls seeking admission to professional courses are quite less when compared to their male counterparts.
    Every year, it’s girls who have a higher pass percentage in Board examinations, yet it’s their education which gets compromised more often than not. Change is happening, but it’s happening too slowly.

    • Fayaz Pasha says:

      True! Ayesha has aptly said it in the blog post that women are much more than the means to procreation. God certainly had a purpose for mankind other than multiplying into tribes and nations. The purpose of life is manifold and a lot can be done by treating each other as PARTNERS.

      Diana, when it comes to education, I have defined the meaning of education in my post: Unfortunately the meaning of education in our Country is just obtaining a Degree or Diploma which only helps in professional life.

      Real education should enable a person to distinguish between right and wrong, good and bad and to become a mature,broadminded person. If a PhD holder should have more negative traits and a bad character, then that education is of no use to the Society.

  7. ayesha says:

    Hello everybody. Thank you all for taking an interest in my views. Hopefully, in the future, men will give us more respect and show us more consideration. Your views are like a breath of fresh air, fayaz sir. Keep up the good work.

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