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My wonderful and purposeful journey with Athenas Take began as a result of a special friendship I share with Athena Visheshta and coincidentally my very first post was for Friendship Day. Friends are an integral part of one’s life and that is why I enjoy writing about them be it childhood friends or the ones we make and cherish at every stage of life. This year too I decided not to miss out Friendship Day  and am using this platform to share with you a beautiful and unique friendship I truly value and treasure.

                         It is natural to make friends in the same age group as it is easier to relate but in this case my two little friends are years younger to me (you can even say a generation apart) and that is what makes this friendship unique. Despite the wide age gap our friendship is like any normal one.

                          We do all things that usual friends do. We chat a lot , laugh a lot, watch movies together , go for outings( sometimes secret), binge on junk food which all amounts to having a lot of fun together.

                               But, yes all of us know that friends are not just for fun times and true friends are the ones with whom you can openly share your joys and trustingly lean on during times of sorrow. Though young my little friends have proved that they can handle both and at times even better than older people. With their keen sense of observation they exactly know when I am perturbed or feeling low. They are excellent face readers so it’s not easy to fool them with fake emotions. It is delicate and even difficult to confide at all times and rather than badgering they are experts in diverting my attention and cheering me up. But, the times when I have opened up they have been amazingly understanding and are even prolific in coming out with simple solutions. The fact is only when I share my feelings and a few secrets they are comfortable in reciprocating the same and when they do that I ensure that I am a pillar of support for them.

                          Though they are young they are eager to do their bit and readily help (sometimes even without asking). Friends are the ones who make you feel special and my little friends leave no stone unturned I making me feel extra special with their cute handmade cards, thoughtful gestures and pleasant surprises.

           Friends also guide each other and since I am much older I do share my experiences and knowledge with them and try my level best to set an example. But what they have taught me is something invaluable. Being young my little friends are not prejudiced or judgmental , do not foster negativity by delving into matters or analyzing people. Their lucid thoughts and most importantly their policy to Forgive and Forget gives them more energy to enjoy simple pleasures of life and take things as they come. On occasions when I have replicated their attitude and approach I genuinely felt lighter and better. Last but not the least their enthusiasm and energy is infectious and I always feel young and alive in their company.

           Oops I forgot to mention who my two little friends are. They are ( as you must have guessed) my two lovely daughters who are 10 and 8 years old. They are growing by the day but for me they will always be MY LITTLE FRIENDS , MY PRECIOUS GEMS.


Athena Mira

We wish all our readers a happy friendship day and to read more on his beautiful day and relationship try Friends for life all through lifeNot Just today but everyday and Friendship has no bounds and barriers.

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