My Mom In Law- My Hitler

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The one, whom every lady fears, yes is their mother in law. Life is so hectic and tensed when they are around you and my mom in law is no different. The minute I wake up in the morning till the moment I drop down dead tired in my bed in the night, my every thought every move, every deed revolves around her.

My headache starts in the morning when I get into the kitchen. The first thought is what can I make that is healthy and which madam will like. Being the Hitler (bossy person) that she is I have to think twice before cooking anything and must make sure that it tastes good.

The second headache starts when she is about to bathe. As we come from a conservative background where it’s the job of the lady of the house to do all the work, it’s my responsibility that I have to catch a bucket of lukewarm water. If it’s cold I will get yelled at, if slightly hot I will get yelled and somehow or the other with all the work in the morning the water is never perfect for her.

After the scream session, is the do at the last minute session. No matter how much time she has in advance, she cannot or come to think about will not do it till the last minute. Then after some mumbling and jumbling from her end and last minute super lady effort from my end, the task will be accomplished but still not to her satisfaction.

While visiting the park I sit with my friends and have some gup-shup time. This is exactly when she will walk in and give compliments to my friends and chat with them. By this time my head is like a pressure cooker. I mean are they my friends or hers and why does she have to come and spoil my chat session.

Sometimes I will work throughout the day and still what I hear in the night will be some complain or the other. At times when I watch television instead of enjoying the movie, I will be pondering over all that she said and did and how I can make my life a little easier.

Anyway, after 31 years of my life this event took place. I went for a haircut. I have a fringe in the front and after some trimming and blow drying, I walked into the house wondering what was going to be thrown my way. She walked up to me, had a nice look at me and said “Super amma, you look like Super Star Rajni Kanth”. I was soooooooooo happy. My mom in law is my eight year old daughter Mahima.

Most of you might be having this sort of a cute mom in law at home or you maybe treating your moms like you are their mother in law. This mother daughter relationship is truly a special one, do let me know about your daughter or should I say mom in law.

Athena Visheshta

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10 Responses

  1. shee_shee12345 says:

    My mom used to say that she never really needed her mom in law as I was always present there to bully her.

  2. diana says:

    I can totally agree with this, I keep hearing it everyday in my home… moms opinion of me.

  3. badrinath_t says:

    So you girls start of as mother in laws then become mothers and then again grow back into mother in laws. Nice, a different circle of life.

  4. sreenivasan says:

    I am still laughing, imagining little ones bossing around over their mothers.

  5. sheela pakianathan says:

    I loved the conclusion of the article very much. My grand daughter is my cute MIL. She loves me and at the same time she scolds me and makes me play with her according to her own whims and fancies. I love my mother in law so much that I obey her and play with her whatever she says.!!!! Cant imagine how she would be when she becomes a real Mother in law!!!

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