My Teacher Says……

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My Teacher Says……

My teacher’s way is the right way.

My teacher says its right, so it is right.

 My teacher says it is so, so it is.

Dear Parents, this is the universal mantra of all school kids and I’m sure most of you would agree with me. These teachers have captured the unquestionable faith and devotion of our children which ostensibly even we as parents fail to achieve at times. So, why not empower them and use them as an effective tool in our drive to change the society.

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It is heartening to see my co-bloggers talking about change coming from within, in the family at home which is the grassroots level. As I had mentioned earlier changing the mindset is a daunting task which cannot happen overnight but yes, if this can be achieved during the formative years it is a foundation well laid and this is where the teachers play a vital role.

A school is a second home for children and thus the teacher is like a foster parent for the child. As parents we do nurture our child personality and teach them what is right and what is wrong but the Value Addition to what we say happens when it is reiterated by the teacher. Children listen to what we say but they definitely follow what the teacher says, such is their charisma. So, if right from LKG if these teachers say it’s wrong to tease girls and make fun of them, girls are not inferior, you must respect girls and so and so forth, you must imagine the kind of impact it can have on young boys. Similarly girls should also be taught to stand up and speak for themselves, work side by side with boys in school activities, assignments and presentations to enhance their confidence. Even in non co-educational schools, children should be taught all this and encouraged to participate in inter- school activities for exposure.

The teacher is the first connection a child makes in the outside world and is the one who teaches the child to cope in an environment outside home. Apart from teaching the textbook subjects the teacher also introduces the child to subjects of life. Every school whether big or small lays emphasis of value education classes so why not add gender sensitization to it. Teachers should discuss gender based issues with higher class students and inculcate strong values of gender equality in children. We may forget our college teachers but lessons taught in school are seldom forgotten and they remain as lessons for life.

Seeing the increasing trend in teenage sex, juvenile rape cases- it is imperative that we parents put forward these ideas to the respective class teachers and spread the awareness among as many parents as possible. Most teachers being parents themselves would definitely empathize with our cause.

We all know that teaches do have back breaking work and targets of syllabus completion, 100% pass percentage etc, but if they also achieve the target of moulding the character of their students it would definitely add a feather to their cap. For most of them it comes naturally as in not a target but for the others the school authority should also help them in this realization.

Successful people in life never fail to revisit their Alma Mater and thank their teachers.

So Thank You Dear teachers for all what you have done and are doing and you are definitely our hope in this endeavour to change the mindset of society.

Happy Teacher’s Day!!!

Athena Mira

Get into the cause and how the changes can be made by reading Change will comeMarried and my husband has no other wife living and Under 18 – License to rape.

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10 Responses

  1. numerounity says:

    Beautiful one! Your teachers must be really cool to have a student like you :)

  2. Harsha says:

    Teachers made up our life,apart from parents they hold a very important place in every kids life and in the initial years if one get exposed to right person as teachers he/she grow up to be one responsible and sensible citizen…
    Today on Teachers Day I take the opportunity to thank all my teachers who taught me the goods of life and helped me to reach where I am today and more importantly they shaped me into a good human being..
    Thank You Dear Teachers..

  3. Abhra says:

    Very nicely written and thought provoking. I support you wholeheartedly and as a matter of fact I wrote something similar of late.

  4. Fayaz Pasha says:

    Very well said Mira. It is very true that next to parents are teachers. As a matter of fact, in all our five prayers each day, Muslims pray for parents and teachers. They have a great influence in our lives as they are the one who give the road map to the students.

  5. badrinath_t says:

    Guru Brahma Gurur Vishnu
    Guru Devo Maheshwaraha
    Guru Saakshat Para Brahma
    Tasmai Sree Gurave Namaha

    Its nice to see that there is atleast someone who understands the power of these teachers. Nice post.

  6. sreenivasan says:

    Little minds are like clay and the teachers have the magic so as to be able to mold them and shape them. Most of us surely remember our best teachers and most of us will surely remember those teachers who have shouted at us for our good. People shouldn’t resort to teaching as a last resort as this will not bring in teachers. Teaching as a profession should be respected and the salaries paid should be higher to entice the best to come in.

  7. sheela pakianathan says:

    I have been a teacher for a very long time. Little kids look at us not as a teacher but a parent for those six hours they spend in school. I say little kids because by the time they are 10 they start back answering and questioning us(the amount of exposure they get these days I guess) but the small ones follow like every word you said is their rule book. Teaching small small lessons I have always done but teaching such big lessons in these days would have a very big advantage. It registers in their tiny mind easily, they will not forget it and most important of all will practice it. Athena Mira you should consider the teaching line.

  8. Purba says:

    Unfortunately, the best minds do not think of teaching as a viable career option. We have schools that are run as a business that focus on quantity rather than quality. When a teacher is underpaid, over-worked, how can you expect them to motivate others!

  9. Well said. We need to be thankful to our teachers

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