Never Too Late To Have Fun!!

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Never Too Late To Have Fun!!

“You are the mother of two kids and still behave like one.” Dear friends, meet my hubby, a quiet, mature, responsible, meticulous, organized person apart from being a loving, protective and devoted father.

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Image Courtesy Google

These are all exemplary qualities but it is also necessary to be fun loving, easy going, talkative, impulsive, disorganized at times also. Well, that’s me in a nutshell I am his complete opposite. Early in my marriage I realized my husband is not the romantic types. Having seen hardships early in life and been raised in a conservative environment, he has grown too fast in life and even now as a father of two daughters he takes life more seriously than his peers. I have also reconciled to the fact that majority of our outings are only with kids.

So, one evening I was taken aback when he told me that we had to take the suburban bus next morning at 8 and I had to be ready by 7.30 AM. Before I could barge him with more questions he silenced me by saying “Just do what I say and Amma can handle the girls and they can fend for themselves for a day”.

Next morning when I saw him in a faded jeans and wrinkled T shirt(not his usual impeccable formals) I happily deduced that we weren’t heading to a wedding or a temple. Since my hubby is a man of few surprises, my curiosity got the better of me and finally I asked him as we boarded the bus. He said as a matter of fact “my office gave Ravi and me passes to the Black Thunder (water theme park)and since Ravi is unwell he asked me to take you. No harm in trying out before we take the girls and if I had told you last evening it would have come in the papers this morning! Well that’s how romantic we can get.

Black Thunder, “Wow”, the famous amusement park with those amazing dry and water rides. Ignoring the fact that the suggestion came from his friend, I was really excited. Seeing my husband wearing a cap, sipping his coffee from the bus stand booth, hurriedly browsing the headlines (old habit), looking ten years younger and relaxed, I just sat and eagerly anticipated the day ahead. I felt like a teenager on her first date.

Once we reached there we quickly headed for the rides. During earlier visits with my daughters he was mostly the watchful spectator but today his childlike enthusiasm was infectious and I just followed suit. Soon we were shouting our lungs out in the roller coaster, felt on the top of the world when in the giant wheel he yelled out my name. We both laughed till our stomachs ached when we rode a bouncy children’s train on a rubber track. It was GGGGRRREEEEEAAAT watching him having so much fun unguarded and oblivious to his surroundings. We had a blast in the water rides, holding hands during the ghost show where we ended up laughing louder than ever. We even had sugar candy and snacked from local stalls (a strict no no with my in laws and kids).  He indulged me and himself in all these simple pleasures and that was truly romantic. We ravenously hogged at the local dhaba (once again he didn’t look out for ISO standards) with loud blaring songs.

The rollicking day flew by. As we were walking towards home we were physically tired but felt really rejuvenated. My hubby looked at me with all smiles, holding my hands, I hear music in the background and suddenly he is yelling at me “Mira switch off the damn alarm, it’s been ringing for so long”.

I was jolted back to reality but that was truly a dream date to cherish where it was a real treat to see a glimpse of my hubby’s youthful exuberant side. I get up with a hope that sometimes dreams do come true.

Athena Mira

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6 Responses

  1. shee_shee12345 says:

    My grand mom is 84 and she has a never say die attitude, loved the child like innocence and love in the post. Its all in the mind if you feel you are young then you are young and if you feel love is in the air then love is in the air.

  2. badrinath_t says:

    If a man stays relaxed always then he will be called a house husband or a loser, its a must that he remain focussed. I can totally understand your husbands personality. Relaxing a bit and bringing out the child in you…….not always but yes once in a while….is needed. I didn’t know that a faded jeans and crinkled T shirt could be so appealing. Another good post Athena Mira.

  3. Vijay says:

    Aha its never late to have fun and too much fun is hazardous to age

  4. Aadhya says:

    Letting yourself loose once in a while is the best gift you can give yourself.

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      Most women cannot do this, looks like there a lot of men like this too. Taking a break, relaxing and letting yourself loose is in my opinion the best way to rejuvenate and beat a stress filled life.

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