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           A  lot is being said , written , and taught about parenting but no one can master it as every day is a learning process with new experiences and every parent has his or her own style of bonding and rearing a child. The special parent child bond is unique with respect to each one.NOT A PUPPET BUT AN INDIVIDUAL

        Children are the apple of parents‘ eyes. What comes naturally to most parents is that they want to protect their child from day to day dangers and negativity and want the best for their child which they strive to achieve within or beyond their means. This is what makes them special.

     But too much of anything even if done for good is bad. This happens when some parents by getting overboard with their intentions and actions unintentionally cause harm to their child. There is a very thin line between wanting the best and always KNOWING THE BEST and the danger situation is when the latter takes precedence.

    The vital fact which these parents ignore is that EVERY CHILD IS AN INDIVIDUAL FIRST WITH A MIND OF HIS/HER OWN. Its the home where the child learns all about life and its the parents who need to make that extra effort to help them learn as much as they can.  As the child is growing up it is imperative especially during the adolescent years to groom the child’s personality and make him or her independent and responsible individual capable of decision making and standing up for themselves.

    For this parents need to

  • Realize that children have their own tastes be it color of dress, food or even hobby.
  • Acknowledge their tastes and give them space to pursue it.
  • Give them freedom of choice and not constantly override their decisions.
  • Allow them to express clearly why they have a particular choice or made a decision .
  • Seek their opinions too and not merely thrust your views and thoughts.
  • Believe in their capabilities.
  • Allow them to do things on their own once in a while.
  • Teach them to learn them to learn from their mistakes and not be harsh or taunt them when they commit one.
  • Appreciate their individuality and make them feel important.
  • Inculcate a sense of responsibility at home , school  , society and even civic sense towards surroundings.
  • Finally parents need to lead by example and if they themselves do not come across as a strong  responsible independent individual they can never be a role model for their children.

Parents need to be a pillar of support for their children, guide them, monitor their actions and stand by them with unconditional  love  and trust.

          Children no matter what their age are always a child for their parents but parents NEED TO ALLOW THEIR CHILD TO GROW  and it is in their hands in making the child  NOT A PUPPET BUT AN INDIVIDUAL

.Athena Mira

School free parenting is the need of the hour. There is enough tension at the school what the kid needs is some peace of mind. To read more try From lovers to blood relativesMy mom in law my hitler and An action can speak a thousand words.

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7 Responses

  1. Indrani says:

    This is so rich with good advice. Very well covered on various points.
    I follow so many of them myself and they are so correctly mentioned here.

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      Thank you Indrani, when you practice most of this you will surely see the difference between your child and a puppet. The only sad thing is we can see many kids in and around us who are just turning into mere puppets. Writing about this issue and creating awareness is the least that we can do. Hope many many parents don’t wait to learn form their mistakes and guide their kids and bring out the kids individuality.

  2. Nagini says:

    Very nice points..A very important and needed advice for nowadays parents..I must admit that I’m not perfectly following all of them,Will try to change myself..Thank you :)

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