Nurturing a Special Bond

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Nurturing a Special Bond

       One of the most beautiful relationships which starts at birth and lasts for a lifetime is that of a parent and child. Parents are the very first people a child relates to and it is via them that they learn to relate to the outside world. This is one strong relationship bound by unconditional love and permanent security. But is this enough for it to sustain effectively? I don’t think so.NURTURING A SPECIAL BOND

       While we are discussing about fueling relationships we tend to ignore this important one as we often take it for granted. Although the engine is the core part of a vehicle it does not move forward and serve its purpose without fuel. Likewise in this case while love and security is the engine there are other fuels needed to carry forward the relationship. So what are these?


This is the foremost requirement as unless communication channels are smooth between a parent and child the child can never be comfortable to open up and this creates a bridge. Parents need to be more of friends and in fact need to share some of their thoughts before expecting the child to do so; after all communication is a two way process.


Actions speak louder than words. So it is essential that parents also involve in their child’s activities, show interest and contribute ideas. Similarly the child should be encouraged to help in activities like cleaning, cooking, shopping and so on and so forth. Springing surprises can also be a boost as it is worthwhile gifting memorable experiences during growing up years rather than expensive materialistic ones.


While parents try to be involved they tend to become intrusive. They should regard the child as an individual and give them their personal space and most importantly trust them with it. This gives the child a level of freedom and responsibility. As children grow up parents need to be more of a guide than a dictator.


It is imperative that parents recognize the talents and achievements of their children at every stage. They should cherish and motivate the successes and be equally supportive during failures.


It is always better that parent’s expose the child to all aspects of life than being protective and giving only a rosy picture. They will be surprised at the emotional maturity of their child and ability to cope. It also makes the child feel important as parents are sharing and confiding in them.


Finally whatever the age of child; expressing your feelings either verbally or physically is vital as it gives the ultimate assurance to the child. A hug, pat on shoulder and even a few loving words can do wonders. Likewise even displeasure has to be conveyed properly.

 Today we see a lot of parents having problems relating to their children, there are wide communication gaps and plenty of misunderstandings. This is because even this relationship to be truly fulfilling needs constant fueling to sustain, move on and most importantly to NURTURE A SPECIAL BOND.

Athena Mira

Its not that difficult a little more from you and all your relationships will blossom. For more on fueling relationships try A little bit moreAn action can speak a thousand words and Do you need a clean up crew.

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6 Responses

  1. Indrani says:

    Very good post on parenting. With every stage the equation of relationship keeps changing til it becomes constant at friendship. The points you mentioned are ideal, only we need to camouflage it and convey it in the form of friendship.

  2. Khushboo says:

    You have managed to capture the essence of parenting beautifully Athena.

  3. nabanita says:

    Such a great post ! Something all parents and to be parents must read!

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