Oh No ! Exams Again..

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Oh No ! Exams Again..

        How to make fractions simpler, how to distinguish between past continuous and past tense, how to remember various functions of internal organs of the body and not to forget Hindi? These are the common worries of not the 3rd. standard student but of course the mother. If parenting and bringing up kids has become an uphill task today teaching young children is the most stressful by and large faced by mothers.

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Image Courtesy Google

Some of the common woes are

  • The child is not able to sit and concentrate for more than 1/2 an hour and tends to get easily distracted which affects the attention span.
  • The portions are too advanced  for the particular class.
  • There is not just enough time to study.
  • My son is different from my daughter.
  • Teachers keep dumping extra teaching and projects on parents.
  • There is no fear factor or seriousness in children and despite repeated teaching they make mistakes.

But what parents need to know are

  • Children generally have an attention span of maximum 1 hour and that is why even in schools every period is only 45 minutes. Mothers have to plan and utilize this time effectively and not expect the child to sit for hours together.
  • Children get distracted easily as it is parents who are spoiling them with various gadgets or too much TV time which has an impact on their concentration.
  • It is parents who opt for best school and curriculum for their children and have big dreams for them. Today with technological revolution children have wider scope and exposure and hence are expected to assimilate as much knowledge as possible.  The school portions are designed such that to make the child aware, understand and learn right from a young age. The problem is parents directly co relates it to performance in exams and hence finds it advanced. The point is marks or grade is of significance only in higher classes and the priority of these parents should be to make the child understand concepts rather than rote learning for scoring in exams.
  • Insufficient time is either because the child is cramped with too many extra-curricular activities and is tired out at the end of day or parents themselves are busy with their own work that they don’t get time to sit with the child.
  • Boys may have a different temperament and maybe more playful but again it requires a little more patience and innovation to make them cooperate.
  • Blaming teachers is an easy way out but it is impossible for teachers with their workload to devote attention always. Parents definitely have a bigger role to play whether in teaching or making projects along with the child as it is ultimately for the child’s benefit.
  • Finally no child should be afraid of exams but has to enjoy learning. Rather than instilling fear the child should be step by step made to understand the importance of performing well and during this course it is okay even mistakes are made.

       Teaching a young child can be challenging but can be made easier if parents are more understanding rather than demanding. If parents begin to feel stressful it automatically passes to the child and soon the child will also lament -“Oh No! Exams Again”.

Athena Mira

Parenting has never been easy and to read up more on the parent and child relationship try My mom in law my hitlerDear God, Please give me a son and Happy feet.

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3 Responses

  1. Indrani says:

    I agree teaching a young child is challenging.
    Exams are a stress now. I probably didn’t feel so even for my own exams.

  2. Fayaz Pasha says:

    A very informative post indeed. It is true that parents need to understand their children first in order to guide them and not expect them to perform well with all the distractions at their disposal.

  3. Aadhya says:

    I have a shorter span that kids so i can feel their plight when in the name of exams they are made to sit in a corner for hours and most of the time they will be just staring at one page for long but parents get satisfied by that only.
    Thanks for such a lovely post Athena Mira – it will come handy in future.

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