Oh! What One Does For Love…

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Oh! What One Does For Love…

surpriseSheela was a school teacher, wife of a defense officer, mother of two naughty kids and basically a person who had no time to breathe. Her birthday was just a few days away. She knew her husband would throw a party to celebrate her birthday but that would mean a whole lot of work for her; lots of cleaning, lots of purchasing, lots of cooking and lots of bugging from the kids too. With all her heart she wished her husband would understand and just do away with the party. Albert on the other hand was an absolute live wire; he loved his parties and loved to celebrate any occasion with a lot of zest and zeal.

Two days before the big day, Albert told Sheela that they would have the birthday party a day after the birthday. He explained how he wanted to take her out to dinner and let her enjoy the day without worrying about all the regular party preparations. Then the entire next day went in inviting everyone to the party.

Sheela woke up on her birthday to find a lovely new saree waiting for her. Then came another surprise he told her to get ready as he was taking the kids and her out to lunch in her favourite restaurant. After a sumptuous meal, he took her shopping and they even bought all that was required like snacks etc for the party to be held the following day.

Back home after a nap, Sheela woke up to find that Albert, the maid, the helper all were busy getting the house ready for the party. She tried to get in and do something but they shooed her off as it was her birthday and she only had to sit and watch and if she wanted order them around.

At 7 o’clock sharp, the bell rang and a very close family friend stood there with her family. She said I know the party is there tomorrow but I just wanted to wish you and so we just dropped by. Within an hour the house was packed with guests. Sheela was in total panic. She had some dosa batter in the refrigerator and her mind was running wild as to what to do for dinner and snacks.

Albert strolled into the kitchen picked all the snacks they had bought for the party and began serving them around. He winked at Sheela and told her relax we can buy more tomorrow, this is needed right now. Chilled drinks were being served, everyone was wishing her and nobody would let her go anywhere close to the kitchen. By 8:30 pm Sheela was going wild with tension, what to do for dinner and the guests were still pouring in.

To top all this all of a sudden the lights went out. By the time she got the candles out, there was another bell and she ran to the door. Sheela opened the door to find her best friends all carrying huge vessels filled with special dishes, she turned around to find all the guests had gifts in their hands and in came Albert rolling a trolley with her birthday cake and both the kids walking behind him.

Everyone screamed “SURPRISE”. Sheela couldn’t believe it. She looked at Albert totally taken aback. He wanted to have her birthday party and give her the rest that she wanted and so with the help of a few close friends he had planned this entire birthday out. Sheela couldn’t stop smiling and yet a small tear of joy rolled down her cheek.

Yes, a whole lot of women plan surprise treats for their husbands. It is slightly difficult for a man to pull this feat at home and yes, this feat was pulled by me for my beloved wife with whom I have now been married for 32 marvelous years.


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2 Responses

  1. badrinath_t says:

    Wow, Albert! I am short of words, cannot figure out what to say. Truly you gave your wife all that she wanted that day.

  2. Aadhya says:

    Trust me Mr. Badrinath, most of the women want only care, love and respect from the partners and nothing else.

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