Oh Yes, She is Different

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Oh Yes, She is Different

There is a saying which I read ‘A successful woman is a woman who can build a firm foundation with the bricks thrown at her.’ Nothing can be truer than this when we think of an Indian woman because if woman are strong then Indian woman are tough.OH YES, SHE IS DIFFERENT

Today there is a visible change in the attitude of woman in our country and this transformation is phenomenal. In schools the pass percentage of girls in higher than boys. The number of girls joining professional courses is increasing every year. Even in the suburbs and rural areas girls are aware of the importance of higher education and they don’t boggle easily under family pressure or competition as we can see a lot of girls from these backgrounds clearing the civil services, bank exams and so on and so forth.

Women are climbing corporate ladders and many of them are managers and CEO s’ today. In every field be it corporate sector, government offices, service industry, media, education, defence, politics etc. women are making their presence felt and their achievements are commendable.

 Even when it comes to marriage women are very clear about the kind of life partner they want and their expectations (you can see the number of guys finding it difficult to find brides these days).  Indian women are no longer in the background and seem to be marching ahead with a clear message “It’s payback time guys” and two things paramount to them  are their ‘Identity’ and ‘Independence’.

But what is most remarkable about her is

  • Though she is tough she can be emotionally vulnerable and downright sentimental too.
  • She rarely needs a shrink to make her see things and feel good (she is great at that herself).
  • She thrives for company but though she is talkative she is not shallow in her thinking. She appreciates the value of people and things around her.
  • Though she wears jeans she has a soft corner for her ghagras, salwars, sarees and of course a special affinity for jewellery and accessories (she loves to make heads turn when the occasion calls for).
  • She loves having fun but knows where to draw a line.
  • Wherever she goes she is ultimately a home bird.
  • And in spite of all her accomplishments Family is the one that embellishes her life.

She needs the support of her family but ends up being a pillar of support for them. She deeply cares for them, loves feeding them and despite her insecurities sees to it that they feel secure. She can never dream of keeping her baby in a separate room (her baby can be as old as an 8 year old). She gives priority to their needs before hers (but never forgets her needs). She respects the sanctity of marriage, importance of relationships (is actually drop dead romantic and a bit possessive when it comes to her hubby) and is the anchor in keeping the family together.

Finally though she is modern in her thinking and attire she is firmly grounded to her roots, genuinely loves her culture, festivals, traditions and practices and ensures she passes it on to her children. Oh Yes, she is different cause she is our very own ‘Indian Woman’ and that is why even if she is born and brought up elsewhere her indomitable spirit makes her win the “Miss America’ title.

Athena Mira

To have a look at India from our angle try I Love My IndiaSOS- Calling our own Krishnas for help and Every penny she spends is every penny worth.

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12 Responses

  1. niranjang says:

    very well written and true, as you said, ”payback time” yes it is. it were the men, who downgraded women, and for centuries they were done so. I am man, but i condemn the act of men towards women. Thanks to the globalization and the courage of women to change the history.

  2. Harsha says:

    What a Wonderful Post…Everytime I read your post I am delighted.. Indeed Indian Women in recent times has shown much development in each and every sector and now they are at Par with Men..They don’t need their support to Grow anymore and that is positive..I believe for an overall development of a Nation..Both male and female should contribute equally and in recent times I am happy that changes are taking place..Women Development must be supported at each and every level..

  3. Purba says:

    She stands tall despite the obstacles she faces. And only a strong woman will make a stronger mother who’ll instill the right values in her children.

  4. Saru Singhal says:

    You are right when you wrote, we are tough. We have shown it to everyone that nothing can deter us from our goals. Very well written Athena :)

  5. aamjunta says:

    Very well said. It is true the Indian women are tough and quite modern and advance in their thinking. But, this should not be limited to a few women of our society; every one should be empowered. And our children should be taught about the value system we have and we need.

    Keep it up Athena :)

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      Thank you and that is the whole idea, use the web to get as many people like you to work with us and then gradually find ways to work with women from all walks of life.

  6. Aliasgar Mukhtiar says:

    hey nice one

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