Parenting Then And Now

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Parenting Then And Now

The one thing we all dread is parenting. We all know and respect our parents but whom better than us to know where all they failed as parents. As kids its absolute fun to make your parents go crazy and then twenty years later when you are standing in their shoes and your kid is making your world spin around is when we understand the kind of difficulties that our parents had to go through. I think all of you will agree with me that parenting is a difficult task or should I say that it’s the most difficult task.PARENTING THEN AND NOW

From the radio generation of our parents to the television generation of ours to now the current Smartphone generation parenting too has changed a lot. As a teenager I remember we had a deadline every evening. We had to be back home by 6.30 latest that is after playing in the park or in the street with the other kids in the colony. For me now as a mother I have to give an ultimatum to my kids and take them to a park to give their eyes a break from the ‘n’ number of gadgets at their disposal.

My mom used to terrorize me when I didn’t finish my home work or was being naughty. The most often used words to scare us were “I am going to buy you a couple of buffaloes and from tomorrow you can stop going to school and start looking after them”. Two decades and after having two kids now the only threat that my kids heed to is “if you don’t listen; no gadgets till I say so”.

The point that I am making here is parenting is a journey and each one is very different from the other. This week we are going to try and take a look at the kind of parenting issues we are facing and how different are they from the kind of problems that our parents faced.

Athena Visheshta

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  1. Indrani says:

    Two buffaloes!!! 😀
    Every parent has their own formula to bring up their kids. And it is often on instinct I think.

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