Physical Difficulties Faced By People With Special Needs

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Physical Difficulties Faced By People With Special Needs

physical difficulties of those with special needsWelcome Athenas, the last two weeks we have focused our attention on various problems that people with special needs are going through. Specially abled people are dealt a tough hand by nature and they have an uphill task of coping with their troubles every day. As discussed earlier, they need to be made independent. If they can manage on their own then that is victory in itself.

This is so easy to say and far more difficult to achieve. Where ever you go you will find that there quite a number of physical difficulties for people with special abilities. One of the biggest issues that a lot of them face is stairs. All those with deformities in their legs or those affected with polio or those who have met with accidents and lost their legs cannot get around easily. The enemy that stands between them and accessibility is stairs. Most buildings have stairs, not all of them have ramps. Having a ramp in every building is not too expensive, it’s just that I have two legs which are fine and I can climb stairs and why should I think of anybody else. Yes, the issue is our attitude and self centered behavior.

Transportation is another issue which we need to take a look at. Is there any bus or train or aircraft that is user friendly for someone with special needs? Those who have sight disorders or who are blind, cannot travel on their own. Physically challenged people cannot even board a bus.

Basic help is needed by one and all. People with disabilities, too need it. If you have money you can surely hire enough help but if you are someone who doesn’t have a solid bank balance, how do you manage. The world is talking about smart phones, tablets, progress but still people cannot find audio books, books written in Braille and so on and so forth. A few books are there but it’s not even one percent of what you and I can access.

Importing wheel chairs, medical equipment is so expensive. Come to think of it, are those who are specially abled not citizens of our country. Why is our government not helping by reducing taxes and import charges? Disability funds, do they even exist in our country? If they exist do those with special needs know about it or is it reaching them?

Questions after questions will come up. A complete change in the way we think can only bring about a welcome change for our fellow citizens with special needs. They are not a burden, each one is an asset and if nurtured and pushed in the right direction will surely emerge a winner.

Athena Visheshta

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3 Responses

  1. sreenivasan says:

    A change in the infrastructure and a change in the mindset is required. Only when we make our homes and schools user friendly will the rest follow suit.

  2. shee_shee12345 says:

    Change for the positive has always been an uphill task, lets hope that people will make this change and that to with ease.

  3. Aadhya says:

    We are the people and the society. Lets start with ourselves and slowly and gradually the change will be everywhere.

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