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Well said Diana. Your words started along long thought process which prompted me to write this from my death bed. Hey, don’t worry; I am healthy & happy as always. The reason I said death bed is that after reading you and thinking and thinking the politician me is about to die.POLITICS OF GENDER

Your words stand true to the core of politics and made me think that is out politics about the serving the country or serving the male ego. Not taking any names here, just coz there are too many and those left out may hire a hit-man to kill me as I will be insulting them and their hard earned REPUTATION by not naming them here. OOPS!!!! I lost the track.

Back to what I set out to say initially. Not taking any names but since the election pre-process has started in the capital and will soon be followed by states we have all seen how many female candidates are being promoted. Formally or informally every party’s candidates are a public secret and the fraction of women candidates is negligible.

Now let’s pat our backs that atleast there are a few and the situation will improve with time and fast forward to future. Yes, as I have proved earlier too, I AM PSYCHIC who can bring future to your screens in a jiffy. So let’s fast forward to the day results are declared and a few of those who contested the elections have won. Now fast forward to the day they take the oath and reach their offices. BINGO!!!!! There they are. Who??? The MAN behind this woman who has won. He can be a brother, father, son, husband, uncle etc, etc, for all I care.

Again fast forward to a few weeks into office and what am I seeing here? Wait I need to get my powers checked, maybe I am losing them or maybe my psychic eyes need specs. Okay, I tell you what I see and you can judge by yourself what it means. There is supposed to be one seat behind the table in Madam’s office but I see two. One is having a lady clad in sari, pallu firmly in place on her head, sitting coyly and smiling to every visitor while the other chair is occupied by a burly middle aged man who starts talking to the visitors as soon as they enter the room. The woman keeps nodding all the time as if she has an unstable neck while the guy keeps talking as if he is holding the position. Once in a while Madam makes an intelligent remark or two all meaning the same ‘Listen to what my uncle, brother, pati parmeshwar is telling you and follow it’. What remains unspoken is ‘even I do the same’.

The fact that Madam has won this seat by promising women liberation and crushing crime against women should not be remembered. Infact by this time it has been duly buried and even remembering it is a heinous crime.

Madam has won the elections and fulfilled her social duties. Now by letting her LEGAL GUARDIAN run the show she is fulfilling her personal duties. I am impressed even if it’s a illusion that my faulty psychic powers are making me make up.

What an ingenious way to manage both family and political career. I salute you lady. And let’s not forget the man sitting by her side running the show. He has sacrificed his personal aspirations to support his beloved mother, daughter, wife in all their endeavors. I bend over in respect for these men and their selfless love. And now with teary eyes I am returning to my politician body and waiting for the last moment.


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7 Responses

  1. Indrani says:

    Many more dramas are going to unfold in the coming months. Let us hope for the best.

  2. shee_shee12345 says:

    Don’t know hope for the best or pray for the worst, the only one thing guaranteed is that Indian politics surely does make a good laughing stock. :(

  3. Richa Singh says:

    An interesting series you have going on here. And yes this is going to be a rather dramatic elections… will it be as you predict? dont know


  4. Harsha says:

    I know the Madma and the Selfless Guy you are pointing too..Well Indian Politics has always been a Drama but this time it will be more and more extravagant,While the World is busy poking India and Indians..Our politicians are busy making Election Rallies.. :(

  5. Diana says:

    The world’s biggest democracy??? Well, elections in the world’s biggest democracy has become one big joke!!! Laugh it up everyone!!!

  6. Niranjan says:

    Hi, I love your blog. I always follow it and really enjoy your eye opening posts.

    I am nominating you with Versatile blogger award. Please collect it here.


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