Prejudiced- Me; You Must Be Joking!!!!

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Prejudiced- Me; You Must Be Joking!!!!

prejudicePrejudice- we all face this at some point in our lives but then there are those who have special needs and they face prejudice every step of the way. Do you feel that if they were born with or have special needs, then prejudice is a part of their lives? First let’s take a look at what is prejudice: –

An unfavourable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought or reason.

Stop and think have you and me been prejudiced to someone or somebody. If you are honest the answer is going to be a yes. Each one of us has opinions and some of it is made without actually getting to know a person.

An aunt of mine is so prejudiced that her prejudice doesn’t spare newborns either. If she sees a baby who is specially abled her immediate response is “Don’t know what sins this poor thing committed”. Give me a break, a new born committing sin, what can a baby do apart from cry, eat, drink and poop. Where is the sin coming from? I know I know many of you will say it’s the sins from the past birth. What you sow is what you reap, doesn’t this mean that whatever be your deeds you are going to face it right here and right now. When are we going to stop contradicting ourselves? Either we sin and it gets carried over to or next birth or we face it in our current birth itself. Personally if sins could be carried over to the next birth why are we putting people in prison or giving them the death sentence, we should leave the punishment to their next birth too.

Schools are no less either. The amount of prejudice these kids with special abilities face is humongous. Most schools do not want these kids in their school. They feel that kids with special needs should be in special schools. The child has a disability, it’s not that he/ she doesn’t have ability at all. If parents and schools work together, all our children can study together and prosper together without this prejudice. All it requires is for the teachers and other students to be aware.

Office and workplaces are also battle grounds for people who are specially abled. A young MBA gold medalist got placed in top company but she is not being promoted. The company hired her knowing she is specially abled, then puts her in a position which is not her field of work. Anyway she slogs and slogs and gets all her work done perfectly, her immediate bosses do not have any issues with her but her promotion doesn’t come through. I cannot blame this one on luck, it’s only because people like you and me are prejudiced.

Getting married is another big hurdle. Where does it say that if you are blind, you should marry someone who is blind? Where is it written that one who is lame should marry someone who is lame too? When you get married do you get married to a person’s qualifications or to the individual? Isn’t it prejudice that we don’t even want to see or meet someone with special needs? I am being practical; I am not saying each one of us should be a savior. All I am saying is can’t we just give them their right to life? Can’t we just let them strive and succeed?

Please remove your glasses of prejudice and look at this world the way they see it. Make friends with them, work them and get to know them better.

 Athena Visheshta

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