Quitting Is The Easiest Thing To Do

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Quitting Is The Easiest Thing To Do


Life has one major task and that is to slow us down and it will do so by throwing challenges our way. It’s up to you and me to decide if we want to slow down or keep up. Many a times the challenge thrown our way is so difficult that thoughts about quitting will come into our minds. If we are positive and stay focused we succeed and if we agree to quit sometime you can even lose your life.

April 30th 1993 was one such horrible day in the life of Monica Seles. This young Tennis player was in the top of her form at that time and had won nine grand slam titles. Her talent and her power were so immense that a fan of another top player decided to stop her by hook or crook. He took a nine inch long knife and stabbed while she was on court playing a match.

What followed next was not like how you see it in movies? This strong willed lady was there standing. No, she didn’t fall down and start crying out loudly. Of course she was rushed to the hospital. It was a good two long years before she made it back to playing pro tennis.

When she came back it was a surprise to the world. Where many had written her off, she came back and it was not just some mediocre come back; she won the Canadian Open in 95 and then went on to win the Australian Open the following year.

Most of us go through college nursing some ambition or the other. When life throws a road block at us we quit and then we keep complaining. There are many sports personalities from who you can see and learn that quitting is the easiest thing to do and that is the one thing that you shouldn’t. Look at our very own Yuvraj Singh, cancer told him to give up his life and he fought it long and hard and is back leading life today, he is a winner in life.

Family, marriage, responsibilities are all there. You have them and I have them too. It’s all about how much you want to lead your life with a purpose. Doing something, achieving something in life is very important. To bring up a good human being is an achievement too. Making you house a home is an achievement too. Getting to the top of the career ladder is an achievement too. Getting through life with disgust and anger and frustration is quitting. Not making an attempt to improve you and your life style is quitting.

Come on Athenas, let’s learn from live examples and let’s move every road block in our lives; if required lets break the block or drill a cave through it but let’s get through.

 Athena Visheshta

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  1. shee_shee12345 says:

    Battles for us women are so one sided that its not easy for us to win but then that fire to succeed to make a change must be there in your heart.

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