RAPE – It’s My Fault………..

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RAPE – It’s My Fault………..

Years back, I must be around 14, I watched a movie wherein a mother inspected and corrected the dupatta of her teenage daughter before allowing her to step out of the house to go to the general store next door. I still remember the way she ensured that the dupatta was wrapped around her like a shawl, covering her from head to waist and hiding the fact that she has breasts.Rape its my fault

It’s been more than a decade to that and still I hear the same advice everywhere. Infact our dress seems to be the most important culprit behind getting eve-teased and raped. We flaunt our figure, show our arms and legs and cleavage and hair and eyes and mouth and……….. Basically we are visible and our bodies invoke sexual feelings in guys and they rape us to satisfy themselves.

 Is it so simple??? NO. Rape is NOT about sex. Never; it’s the pervert instinct of a man or men to SHOW women their rightful place. Yes, that’s the way rapists see it. And that’s the reason rape is AWARDED like a punishment. Remember Bhilai case??? A 13 year old was publicly raped by a man since the MAN and panchayat wanted to punish her brother for eve-teasing the MAN’S wife.

RAPISTS are perverts who get a high by exercising their physical power over someone who can’t fight them back. They get pleasure from knowing that the girl who dared who object to their birth right to eve-tease her is getting hurt and that also in the most intimate manner possible.

A prominent social figure made this remark that if you can’t stop it then enjoy it. ENJOY???? You enjoy sex not abuse. Rape is NOT sex. So what is it??

 For sure the basic activity and climax are the same for the rapist but for the victim it’s a trauma – both physical and mental. The physical wounds heal with time even if the scars remain but the emotional wounds are never healed. She has been used, abused and violated in the most intimate manner you can hurt a living being. But since she is not considered that, it’s taken that she should ENJOY getting raped!!!! Sick.

A baby who was raped for many years by her own father was not having any of the SEDUCING qualities we flaunty girls have then why was she raped? Her father was sexually aroused by her, she was asking for it, not wearing appropriate clothes, alone at night and the best she should have enjoyed it. I am not suggesting all this but this is what we hear after a rape rather than putting the rapists in cages from where they can never get out.

An 80 year old grandma was raped because she was seducing the rapists??? With what??? Her wrinkled legs which are barely able to support her frail body weighing hardly 45 kgs??? In all probability she was wearing a saree with pallu covering her head and maybe half of her face too.

 Were the baby and the grandma sexually aroused on being raped? You know the answer as well as me. So please STOP thinking of rape as FORCED SEX. It is physical and mental abuse in its worst form. We are civilized enough to abolish slavery and apartheid but only we are barbaric enough to say that enjoy rape. We kill the dog who bites us as we never asked it to hurt us then but we ask the rape survivor to blame herself coz SHE ASKED FOR IT…………….


There is nothing new about rape its been there for ages but its time to find a way to stop it, its time to give us freedom in the right sense. To read more on rape try Who’s to blame?She sells sea shells, not her and Culture of rape.

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7 Responses

  1. mira says:

    its high time boys get some lessons on how to behave with girls and respect women and this blame game on girls should end. my question is girls are questioned and cautioned when they are out with friends but is a married woman who is out with her husband safe? women whether married or unmarried need to feel safe.

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      Blaming the girls is always the beginning and end of all. Its no mistake that a man has a brain and doesn’t use it, has self control and doesn’t practice it.

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