Rekindle Your Interest For Your Own Interest

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Rekindle Your Interest For Your Own Interest


          “There  is no time to do anything extra. Each day just zooms by and where is the time for hobbies. Anyway hobbies are for kids to keep them usefully occupied or for others who have all the time in the world”. This is what most women have to say when asked whether they pursue any hobby. So how do they unwind in the little free time they get? Catch up on social networking, grab the remote if free or just hit the pillow for some blissful sleep(which really never comes when you want to and that is telling by experience). All this is fine as all of us are entitled to spend our little free time the way we want but the bigger question is do these activities genuinely relax you? The answer is no as over a period of time they just become part of routine schedule.

       Most of you are definitely aware of importance of pursuing a hobby and some of you may have even written wonderful essays for your kids and even encouraged them to take up a hobby. But as usual it is easier to preach than practice. We women usually go about doing our daily chores as you see they just have to be done (not that we have a great passion for it) but when we need to do something for ourselves we see if it is beneficial for us so automatically the passion comes. That is why I am listing out a few benefits of why we women need to have a hobby and believe me these are purely selfish. So ladies it is up to you to take it or leave it.

  • Pursuing a hobby will be an experience of rediscovering your hidden talent which has been lying dormant all this while.
  • This new experience will automatically give you the passion to do your activity and not just regard it as another chore.
  • We go about doing our regular work in an auto pilot mode but during our hobby time our mind is active and ticking coming up with wonderful creative ideas.
  •  Thus when our mind is focused it is automatically rid of mundane thoughts like menu for next day, grocery list and all the rest which crop up even doing our so called recreational TV or nap time.
  • Finally since we are doing something out of pure interest and putting our mind in it there is sense of pleasure and self satisfaction which truly relaxes you.

         Thus in a nut shell pursuing a hobby is the most simple stress buster which we women need most.

         At we just don’t stop at lecturing and would genuinely like to provide you an opportunity to showcase your work. So we are starting a Talent Corner which gives you a platform to put up anything be it a poem, an article, a painting, craft work , dress design, book review, lip smacking recipe, recording of your song or dance or any other thing you would like to share with us. The advantage is your work can be seen and commented by a larger group beyond your social networking circle, a group which is filled with women like you and me, a group which knows and understands the value of a pat on the back and most important of all a group which values your hard work and you. YOU JUST NEED TO MAIL YOUR WORK TO and we will take care of rest.

Now isn’t that Motivation combined with Temptation?  Where there is will there is a way. I am sure even in your busy schedule most of you manage to squeeze a little time if really needed. For example a visit to the beauty parlor before a family function or putting extra effort in the kitchen to impress guests. Finally dear ladies what are you waiting for, roll up your socks and REKINDLE YOUR INTEREST FOR YOUR OWN INTEREST.

Athena Mira

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6 Responses

  1. shafiya says:

    Good post. Hopefully we can take the advise given and implement it in our lives for our self interest and satisfaction and not just to impress others.

  2. shee_shee12345 says:

    To find time is a little difficult but when you start of bringing all those old passions and hobbies back to life, I guess life just gets better and better. I sat and wrapped three shoe boxes and converted them into nice looking craft boxes and surely I did feel good.

  3. I am completely with you on this Athena. I recently started with my old passion of playing badminton and I must tell you that it has been one of the best things to happen in the recent past. I have loved it from the day I started it and it is one of the most refreshing part of the week where I wait for my turn :)

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