Romance In Marriage- Male version

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Romance In Marriage- Male version

ROMANCE IN MARRIAGE MALEVenus maybe the goddess of love but what would we Athenas do without our counter parts our soul mates; the men in our lives. This one is for all our male readers and specially those who have a romantic heart.

Gone are those days when no matter what you wore your lady love always found you attractive, the times when you drove miles just to catch a glimpse of her, the times when she bunked college to just hang out with you, the times when you whispered stuff which was barely audible and yet she heard every word of it. Reality check……it’s been years since you passed that stage and today you are a married man with a couple of kids and wife who no longer looks as sexy as she was when you got married to her.

Life today is so different. You drive and drive and all you get is polluted roads, stressful jobs, angry bosses and when you get back home, a house with two naughty kids and a wife who is desperately trying to stay sane. You try to say something to your wife about how your day was but the noise from the television, phones and play stations just doesn’t let her hear anything and all you get in return is her screaming “WHAT DID YOU SAY?” You take time to unwind and get dressed for the night but even before she gets to bed you are fast asleep due to tiredness or are still working on some extra work that you brought back home from office.

The rosy life is all gone; there is no more romance in the air. All you are trying to do is find some quiet time. So, does that mean that you are not romantic anymore? Romance or love never dies; it just changes its look. A wife who waits for her husband till late in the night without having food it is love. Letting him read the newspaper without any disturbance is love. Not calling him when he is out with his friends is love. Trusting him and not doubting him is love. Letting him have the remote and letting him watch a cricket match while you play referee to the kids is also love. Giving him a relaxed atmosphere at home is love.

An exotic dinner followed by your wife looking like the latest heroine is not love. Just the desire to be with you is love. Keeping her man the centre of her life is love. This sort of love doesn’t come when you are forced into a relationship, it comes when two people know each other, respect each other and want to be there for each other. Romance is not there is the flowers, roses, food or kisses; it’s in the small small things, gestures and so on and so forth  which makes the other person miss you and long for you.

Athena Visheshta

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  1. badrinath_t says:

    Seriously I have never read anything like this, a woman giving the right advice to another, unbelievable.

  2. Aadhya says:

    @ badrinath_t
    this is what thios forum is all about.

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