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ROMANCE IN MARRIAGELet us all go back to the initial days of courtship be it arranged marriage or love marriage or even the initial few months of marriage.

Remember those lovely cards, chocolates, flowers that we got as gifts. Remember how the cost of the telephone bill shot up while whispering sweet nothings? Remember those times when your man sneaked to your college to see you? The days you decked yourself in the kind of outfit that he likes? His favourite dishes spread on the table?

Let us fast forward to now. A few years after marriage, may be a couple of kids later……….. The conversations between the husband and wife………….

“Have you paid the telephone bill?

“The heater is not working”

“Are you going to your mother’s house for this holiday?”

“Why did you have to arrange it out here?”

Sounds familiar ladies? That is reality. Somewhere down the line the romance in marriage is left back when all the other normal day to day routines add up on to your life.  I can hear some one muttering,”it would be ridiculous if you are going to whisper sweet nothing with your grown children around. I am tired, after a day full of cooking; I am tired to dress up like how he wants and what the hell does he do for me anyways?”

ROMANCE JUST DIES OFF. No we do not cherish the romance. Life gives us many moments everyday to be romantic.  Romance is not just bringing flowers or candle light dinners. When your wife is tired, you make dosas for her, when she is slaving over the hot stove to make delicious dishes, you wait to have dinner with her instead of hogging it down, when you already had dinner with your parents when you sit with her and give her your companionship while she has her dinner, squeezing five minutes to have a cup of coffee with her, giving her a hug when she is upset over something,  when her wishes are taken into consideration when your going out anywhere , be it a movie, a friend’s house or your mother’s , there is romance.

Romance is not only walking in the moonlight hand in hand, walking with your wife hand in hand when she needs it immaterial of anything or anyone. Romance is not only candle light dinners alone but sitting with her after a tired day and sharing a simple meals and thoughts together. Romance is when the husband sees beyond the veneer of a wife, a mother, a daughter in law and cherishes the woman.

Athena Chaitanya

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