Save Media And Save Our Senses!

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Save Media And Save Our Senses!

Image Courtesy Google

Image Courtesy Google

I know I know that it’s been long since we have had a chit chat. And I am NOT sorry for that. After all a girl needs her ME time. J Well, that’s not the real reason but who cares?

Just like you don’t really buy a deodorant so that all the girls walking on road come after you but who cares? They still make ads which tell you that using a particular deodorant or aftershave will make you EATABLE? to girls, even the neighborhood bhabhi though she must be keeping Karva Chauth fast for her hubby for years now and will continue to do so forever.

A few days back while surfing through uncountable TV channels mindlessly I came across a song featuring a top actress in a yet to be released movie. Basically the lyrics mean that all the guys go mad after her when she shakes her hips. Along with the lyrics she was gyrating in what I call a provocative manner and 100s of men from all age groups were staring at her and following her. Icing on the cake was that it’s all taking place in a wedding. I mean, come on, who sings such songs and dances like that in a family function? But again who cares????

This reminds me of a hit movie from the 90s where a smart women takes over her father’s business when he grows old and reaches the top of the game BUT she is hated by everyone for doing so. WHY??? Coz she is a women and they are supposed to be innocent and docile. And by the time movie ended she has been successfully converted into the homely wife who gets up early, decks up in finery and sees off her hubby to office with a multi tier lunch box. Is this fair? No but who cares????

So what’s the point that I am trying to make today?  Its simple – are women really what they are portrayed in the media? Dumb enough to fall for a rowdy who keeps on teasing her and making it impossible for her to step out of the house? Or they are the girls who keep waiting to throw themselves at any random guy on the road just because he is wearing a particular brand of underwear?

Day in and day out the content from all the directions keeps on feeding such nonsensical ideas into young minds which makes a guy believe, a moron in his own right of course, that just because they are getting married their houses will overnight be converted into spotless abodes without any domestic help and whatever be the time, day or night, their wives will be the perfect beauty cooking a 7 course meal for every meal in a silk saree, open hair, perfect makeup, no sweat and a smile.

What is it that’s being doled out to us in the name of media shows what happens in real life? Why women have always been portrayed as they are, without brain and always docile?

There are a few women centric movies which I have loved and always wondered why they flopped? With age I realized that it’s because the female characters have been very strong in those movies and obviously we don’t go to a movie where a women kicks away a guy who left her because his parents wanted someone who could bring a lot of dowry. Infact we love a movie where the girl spends her life taking care of his philandering turned paralyzed husband and even takes him to his muse’s house.

Save Media, save our senses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Portrayal of women in the media has a new meaning with every ad, every serial and every movie, here are few posts which give you an idea about women in media Pasand apni apniOprah- The first lady when it comes to media and for some strength in the online media try Someone died today.

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6 Responses

  1. Harsha says:

    There are some people that exist till now who think Women to be their slave and it is to be blame only to the society as they never wanted to change the Perspective..Women on one hand in most of the cases will never stand up for their right and Men on the other hand will never try to change their Mindset…

  2. I’ve often complained about how Hindi (and other Indian) movies portray the “hero” harassing the girl repeatedly and in the end she falls in love with him! I have no doubt this is responsible for the large amount of street harassment we see today.

  3. Indrani says:

    I am hoping the next generation will change!!! Mothers in our generation have a very important role to play!

    btw isn’t it that movie by Anil Kapoor and Sri Devi? I too was shocked by the change in her. They could have gone together no?
    Jee le zara… a serial in Sony has that story line, guy harassing the girl till she agrees… wonder when all this will stop!

  4. shee_shee12345 says:

    Save our senses and truly save the media. Every serial, every show, even the news has so much of discrimination shown and its difficult to filter but I think its vital what we watch and how we let it affect us.

  5. Diana says:

    Apparently in our society, it’s a sin if a woman showcases her brains…

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