Schools Or Slaughter Houses????

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Schools Or Slaughter Houses????

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Image Courtesy Google

What the hell is going on? I mean every second day we are having a story about kids falling sick and dying because of the mid day meal they are getting in schools. Aren’t schools the place where our kids learn about nutrition and hygiene? Yes. These are the same places where an unused toilet is used as a store room and oil is stored in pesticide containers. And we expect to mould the future leaders, doctors and engineers of India from them. WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What happened in Bihar was not the first case but it was the first case to garner such attention due to the number of kids dying. Then for the next few days similar news were in headlines all over. And then again they have been slipped to Page 13 or 14 or whatever.

A huge amount out of our taxes has been allocated to provide these meals to the kids in rural areas who hardly have access to good food. I don’t mind that at all. But when the food made from the same money kills these innocent kids then I DO MIND.

It’s my money and I want it to be responsibly used. If you can’t then give it to me and I will ensure that the kids are getting the benefits intended rather than the politicians and middlemen who gobble up everything and by the time the leftover reaches the kids its neither enough nor healthy. In fact, it turns into poison leading to their death.

Rather than getting angry maybe I should see it from a different angle. It’s a plan of the government to use ‘Survival of the Fittest’ to its full capability. When people like Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer have bowed before it then who are we to question it?

Not getting my point? Ok, let me explain in detail. As per this in case of disasters (originally natural disasters but now a days everything is man made so I am omitting ‘natural’) those who perish are the ones unfit to live and those who survive are the very best of the lot. So, MAYBE, by serving DEATH disguised as FOOD, they are actually using this principle in practice and eliminating the unfit ones.

This in turn will serve 2 purposes for our great politicians– one, only the best will survive to lead the country in future and second, it will control population.

Is that so Mr. PM? If it is so then hats off to you. I mean, only a genius can think of such a 2 pronged approach. But hey, I still have to hear a word coming out from your esteemed lips on this.


I don’t care that the cook didn’t pay enough attention or the helper stored the vegetables in a toilet. All I care about is what we are doing to ensure that such incidents don’t happen in future?

And if the government is not CAPABLE of doing that then please give me my money back and I will ensure that it’s spent in doing what it’s meant for. I will ensure that the kids get a healthy meal on time and DON’T DIE. I will ensure that their lunch never again becomes the LAST MEAL of their lives.

I CAN & I WILL. It’s the government that I have chosen that has failed and now it’s my responsibility to put things back on track.


Social causes and responsibilities should be taken up you by you and me, to have a look at more social causes try  Dear God, Please give me a sonWho’s to blame? and Inclusive society for the differently abled.

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7 Responses

  1. Indrani says:

    What happened in Bihar was most tragic! You really feel like wailing with sorrow.

  2. shee_shee12345 says:

    @ Aadhya, You are more fit to rule this country than the politicians that we have, they are not even fit to be called leaders. What they have done to these kids and their parents cannot be described in words but I felt your pain., Hats off to you queen.

  3. aamjunta says:

    Nice post. Don’t you think we (as parents, teachers, social workers and many more) are also equally responsible for this tragedy? Passing the blame to others will not solve these problems. We need to arise and awake also.

  4. diana says:

    This is a plague that’s creeping all over the country. Person or persons responsible for this fiasco should be identified and rooted out from the bottom upwards.

  5. Aadhya says:

    @shee_shee12345 – thanks for the compliments.
    @ aamjunta – thats why i said that ‘It’s the government that I have chosen that has failed and now it’s my responsibility to put things back on track’.

  6. badrinath_t says:

    My question to Aadhya Madam is HOW??? I am not picking a fight with you. I am with you with regards to the mid day meal murder. Give me an idea and maybe we can actually start something worthwhile.

  7. Aadhya says:

    @ badrinath_t – I do have something in mind but this is not a proper place to do this. If you can , please provide me your email id and i will mail you the outline of a plan i have outlined along with a few friends.

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