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            When a woman aims to achieve a goal be it personal, educational or professional she does it with a single minded determination, has the courage to face all odds and emerges successful eventually. Today in any field we get to hear many such success stories of such women who are from all walks of life. But, what one needs to observe is that majority of these are individual success tales and there are not many pertaining to groups of women. WHY IS THIS SO?SELF HELP IS GOOD BUT

         There are some perceptions  regarding this such as women don’t help each other that much, they do not share their ideas or tips readily, they are nor sportive enough and prefer to hog individual limelight and the most disturbing one is that a woman can be the biggest hurdle in the path of another woman’s success.

        These perceptions cannot be totally rubbished or accepted wholeheartedly but yes they cannot be ignored as after all perceptions aren’t entirely baseless and if we begin to argue many might even validate with examples. So the need of the hour is to change these perceptions not by words but by actions and before that we need to rectify our weaknesses.

        The biggest weakness many women have is the tendency to compare. This is okay if it is done in a positive manner to assess their drawbacks. But for some it becomes an obsession and they are hell bent to compare every aspect. This leads to situation where they develop a complex which leads to JEALOUSY.

Jealousy brings about negativity where one wants to be a step above at any cost and if not possible thwart the other person’s opportunities and their success path either by words or deeds.

          Every woman is gifted with her own talent, looks, and potential. She should realize it, work on developing it and create an Individual Identity by getting rid of complexes and insecurities. Once this happens the tendency to compare diminishes. On the contrary she will begin to appreciate similar qualities in other women.

  So dear ladies put a red to the green within you and get into action as what we need is……

         More girls who can show that they can help each other by sharing notes and exam tips, more women in families who rather than bickering and putting each other down support and help each other to pursue their dreams, more women as neighbors rather than blaming each other coming together to solve neighborhood issues and more women professionals to work with true team spirit by showing mutual appreciation and cooperation.

These actions will definitely prove that women can be effective team players. itself is one such classic example where we women from different backgrounds have come together to create a platform for all women to share their opinions, showcase their talents, raise issues and brainstorm solutions with a common goal of women’s development and empowerment.

        Finally while there is nothing wrong in pursuing individual goals with a healthy competitive spirit women should also focus more on working in groups as this collective effort will lead to a stronger women force with a powerful voice and can achieve bigger goals.

     It is commonly said that a woman can make or break a home likewise UNITY IN WOMEN can make a society more progressive by breaking its prejudices and that is why while  SELF HELP IS GOOD HELPING EACH OTHER IS BETTER.

Athena Mira

Turn the page in your life, start something new. Its all about we motivate and you initiate this week. Catch more on motivation with Art straight from the heartCooking up a storm and Cleanliness begins at home but need not end there.

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5 Responses

  1. Indrani says:

    Beyond a certain point reaching out for help would be the wiser option.
    And I truly admire the platform you have created where each of you is doing your bit to reach out to others.

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      Means a lot coming from you Indrani, each time I check your blog you bring a smile to my face, thankyou for the helping me out too.

  2. Saru Singhal says:

    A thought provoking read. We need to change perceptions and like you said, we need to put positive thoughts.

  3. Fayaz Pasha says:

    Self help is most common whereas helping others is so uncommon particularly these days. You have rightly pointed out that changing these perceptions would not only unite but help in achieving bigger goals in life. There’s a simple formula: When we help others, God will take care of our needs.

  4. shafiya says:

    One thing I can definitely say is that nothing beats the inner joy you feel after helping someone in need.And friendships only get stronger when you are there for your friend in times of need.

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