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Crimes against women in India has always been prevalent but the dark episode of Nirbhaya was the turning point which not only awakened the nation to take notice but also fight for justice. This brave heart Nirbhaya who fought with dignity for her life, self respect and justice has set as example for other victims to break all shackles and come forward and do the same.SELF PROTECTION

 What is perturbing is that the number of victims continue to increase and this is going by the official figures only. When a small state like Tripura has registered more than 1000 cases  last year then imagine for the rest of the country. Dear ladies the sad  fact is crimes against women will continue to happen irrespective of where we are , what we do, who we are with and of course even what we wear so we need to buck up and protect ourselves both physically and mentally.

         Today with the current scenario girls and women should not shy away from going for self defence classes. It boosts their confidence and gives them a sense of security.  They should be equipped to protect themselves in case of an unforeseen attack and should be taught useful techniques. Apart from this they should not panic and use presence of mind in such situations. This requires a lot of mental conditioning and women should have the ability to sense danger immediately. One mantra they should always remember is Trouble  comes when we least anticipate and danger is in places we least expect so be prepared always.

   Physical and mental strength are interdependent and hence it is imperative that women make themselves mentally strong. Modern Indian women despite all hurdles have emerged winners in all fields. Yet, they are emotionally vulnerable and are hence susceptible to exploitation. Young girls and women are today in such an environment where they get easily lured into relationships which usually begin innocently but end up with disastrous consequences. Though it is necessary for us to move with men at every stage we should maintain a level of distance not only physically but most importantly emotionally. Women have a tendency to pour out their inner most feelings and they should be careful that this outlet should not be any random  man be it a relative, friend or colleague. No woman should place complete and blind trust as we have seen so many cases where men play with emotions and exploit them gradually.

       There are some women who consciously or unconsciously flaunt their independence be it the manner they talk, do their work or even dress. Society is not mature enough to understand them and hounds them constantly. I believe that there is no harm in being quietly assertive and independent and move according to the needs of the different  environments we move in. It is not about compromising but rather than being aggressive we are being smart in having our way and being happy.

    There is nothing wrong in going out with guys and having fun but at the end of the day we should be responsible and mature to take care of ourselves. Arvind Kejriwal  started a political revolution and created history. Similarly society should focus on changing mindsets as nothing short of a social revolution will curb crimes against women. So till then dear friends SELF PROTECTION IS THE NEED OF THE HOUR.

Athena Mira

This week we are looking at the brave soul Nirbhaya and the kind of change that she has started in our country for women to read more try Nirbhaya- The AftermathHow has Nirbhaya affected us- The parent? and SOS- Calling our own Krishnas for help.

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5 Responses

  1. Fayaz Pasha says:

    Very rightly said. Self protection is the need of the hour and is the best protection. There’s no computer user who would say that his computer is safe without an Antivirus Program. An antivirus program shields the computer from all sorts of viruses, attacks etc.

    Similarly, modesty is the Antivirus for a woman and along with that the knowledge of any self-defence skills would certainly prove to be the best safeguards for women.

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      A very unusual take on Self Protection. When I think about it I do agree with you that modesty is a great way to protect yourself. Modesty and self defence will protect us from any emotional or physical danger.

  2. Indrani says:

    Self protection is a compulsory skill to survive.
    When it comes to tackling gang psychology, like when there are 3 to 4 men, connectivity with near and dear ones will be of help. Hope mind works sensibly and confidently then.

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      That is the time when we should not succumb to fear and remain in focus. Truly if we have near and dear ones around it will surely help.

  1. January 25, 2014

    […]  Nirbhaya the brave soul started a wave of change for us women but the sad part it is that this wave is still not reaching the heights to be able to protect us all. To read more try Nirbhaya- The Aftermath, How has Nirbhaya affected us- The parent? and Self protection- The need of the hour. […]

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