Shame On Us

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Shame On Us

I feel ashamed to call myself an Indian. Seriously Athenas we all thought Nirbhaya’s death would bring about a sea change in how society views crimes against women and I even hoped it would bring down the rate of crime against women.SHAME ON US

And yes there have been several visible welcome changes since December 16th 2012. BUT….

When I woke up day before yesterday morning it was just like any other day. That was until I switched on the television and tuned in for an early morning news telecast. What I saw made me sick and curdled my blood. What sort of a society is this where a young 20 year old girl is ordered by her ‘village elders’ to be gang raped by several men? What sort of a creature gives such an order? This was reportedly to punish the girl for having a relationship with a man who doesn’t belong to her tribe. Violating a woman as punishment…hmmmm…..I will not insult barbarians by calling this a barbaric act, because I seriously doubt that even barbarians would stoop to this level. This is a different league of brutality altogether.

India’s image AKA its attitude and response to crimes against women once again came under intense scrutiny of the international news media day before yesterday and with just cause. What image can our country hope to portray when such brutal acts against women are orchestrated UNDER ORDERS, no less?

All the strides women have made in all fields, all the achievements, all the progress will amount to so much dust when the basic right of personal safety is in jeopardy at all times, that we are vulnerable to attacks at any time, any place is too much of a strain to live under constantly.

And now it seems any half baked group of “elders” can order violent attacks on innocent women. I shudder to think of the ramifications even someone with years of training in self defence who keeps a can of pepper spray handy can be over whelmed by a mob of beasts who have been ordered to attack her. Don’t you feel sick to the stomach, shame on us for still not abolishing such obsolete systems like the kangaroo courts?


 Nirbhaya the brave soul started a wave of change for us women but the sad part it is that this wave is still not reaching the heights to be able to protect us all. To read more try Nirbhaya- The AftermathHow has Nirbhaya affected us- The parent? and Self protection- The need of the hour.

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3 Responses

  1. These attacks remind me of ‘stoning of women’ that I read about in books of ancient Israel.
    These things stopped before 2000 years in the rest of the world… and here?
    Utterly disgusting.

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