Simply Better!!!

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Simply Better!!!

Hello Athenas! I know I know. We have been gone a while, but well, here I am now. Actually, Visheshta kind of threw me a curve ball and I decided to rise up and meet the challenge head-on, as I always do.

Image Courtesy Google

Image Courtesy Google

Sambhavi, the younger sister of a close friend of mine, recently joined a leading company straight out of college. In the team to which she was assigned to was quite a talented, accomplished young woman named Monisha, who had already completed one on-site assignment in Europe. Now, Sambhavi is also quite bright,  enterprising and a strategic thinker. This became quite apparent to the other team members within a couple of months. All of them viewed her as Monisha’s rival. All that is, except Monisha.

Within a few months, Sambhavi learnt the ropes and started matching Monisha stride for stride. But instead of becoming fierce rivals, the two girls became very good friends in and out of office, much to everyone’s surprise. There were some troublemakers in the office who wanted to make mischief between the two girls, but whenever a problem arose, instead of letting it develop into a full-blown battle, they always communicated and cleared the air between them. Thus, Sambhavi and Monisha turned what could have become a turbulent work environment into a conducive, comfortable one.

A friendly competition always exists between the two girls, but they take pains to ensure that office politics do not get in their way. I’m really happy to see the level of maturity shown by these two young women. This is true professionalism. Constantly trying to one-up our colleagues gets rather tiresome, don’t you think? Granted, some hard nuts have to be dealt with suitably, but open communication, level-headedness and a certain degree of trust goes a long way towards making us better professionals.

“Ladies lack professionalism” is the litany one often hears at the workplace. Another common complaint is that we women bring our

 and let it have a negative impact on productivity. Well, I know it’s not easy managing home and office, but we ladies are nothing if not renowned multi-taskers, is it not so, Athenas? So for heaven’s sake, let’s leave domestic issues at the doorstep when we leave for work and NOT think about it AT ALL during the workday. Then no one can point a finger at us for bringing down productivity.

So let’s get the ball rolling and change these perspectives, shall we? Come on Athenas!


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  1. Khushboo says:

    That is so wonderful to know. Many a time, women become the worst enemies of other women in order to look tough. But we can work much better if we co-operate with each other. Sambhavi and Monisha are a real inspiration :)

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