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          A typical wife loves to complain about her hubby but springs to his defense when others do so. Atypical husband rarely appreciates his wife’s presence in fact loves to find faults but one day of her absence turns topsy turvy for him.  Well I am talking of couples who have successfully completed a decade of married life and are still moving on. These people have deep rooted love , need each other and are in fact secure that they have each other but the problem is all these feelings over the years enter a dormant stage and rarely manifests into actions. What I mean to say is that while Love is there Romance has mysteriously vanished. Their  married life gets blended into the day to day monotonous sapping routine and what remains is two individuals who share responsibilities , child rearing but simply don’t have the time to focus on their relationship and companionship.SMALL THINGS MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE

If love is food then romance is seasoning is seasoning and we all know how bland the food is without seasoning. These couples need to revive their jaded marriage and add some zing to it.

Romance is not all about candle light dinner or a bouquet of roses. In fact most couples at this stage would find it difficult to get into this mode. It is more about keeping the spark between the two alive.

To begin with couples must take out some time just for themselves at the end of the day and do something like a walk after dinner , watching T.V while others are sleeping , listening to music etc. To make it more fun why not share a bar of chocolate or a cup of coffee during this together time.

Conversation is the key to maintain a good rapport and it should be strictly away from household, kids, work  related or even complaints but should be about general stuff like current affairs , movies , books etc. A healthy debate even adds life to a conversation. Another important part is small greetings like Good Morning, Have a Nice Day , take Care etc. though sound formal do have an impact.

Taking care of appearance is a definite plus. Most couples especially women tend to ignore this aspect. The idea is not to out of the way to look 10 years younger but atleast not look 10 years olders. Rather than looking disheveled and stressed it is better to be neat and attractive in a simple manner. The point is if you feel good looking at your reflection the feeling automatically translates to your better half.

Most couples like surprises but are either too tired or lazy to orchestrate the. Once again it need not be a lavish gift or outing but small things like hubby cooking meal for wife, impromptu ice cream outing during mundane veggie shopping, movie night etc.

Finally it is imperative that couples appreciate each other and express concern either verbally, writing notes(Lunch box movie), messaging or even flirting(if forgotten revisit memory lane). Everyone likes to be praised and fussed upon and coming from a spouse makes it more special.

These are just small things and of course a candle light dinner or a bouquet of red roses will be an icing on the cake but ultimately it is these SMALL THINGS THAT MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE.

Athena Mira

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  1. Sheela Pakianathan says:

    Very nice article and very good tips and easy to follow !!!!

  2. shee_shee12345 says:

    After a decade many of us just take everything for granted. Would you enjoy a meal without salt or pizza without toppings? In the same way these small small things can surely make a difference.

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