Suicides- Why are our young ladies picking this option?

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Suicides- Why are our young ladies picking this option?

SUICIDEA lot of issues come together before an individual decides to end their life. One major cause is gender discrimination when it comes to suicides by young girls. Many of us might think; how can gender discrimination be the cause?

From the time they are born, they are called “paraya dhan” (something that doesn’t belong to you). If the beginning is going to be by distancing yourself, how can the child feel safe and secured? Constant comparisons at home, school and work places just break these girls down. Our society is very interested in worrying about what’s happening in another person’s life and the interest doubles when it is a girl. A girl who probably goes for tuitions is called a rolling stone because she doesn’t stay at home, a girl who has the gift of gab is considered arrogant, a girl who has leadership qualities is called dominating, a girl who is good with money is called calculative, the list just goes on and on and on. Every positive is turned into a negative.

The world is filled with positive and negative energy; if we go on promoting negativism what’s going to surround our kids and us is negativism. A young girl who is about to get married has to quit her job, sit at home, dress like a doll and model in front of every guy who comes to see her. This boy will select her or reject her only on the basis of her looks, her education, qualities, talents and dreams just don’t matter. Over and above this for every boy who rejects her she has to listen to relatives and near and dear ones talk about having to save more money for dowry, it’s the girls fault, she just doesn’t listen, she asked the boy a question and so on and so forth.

This negative approach when it comes to girls is pushing a lot of kids and young girls to commit suicides. The sad part is it’s a lot of ladies who go around spreading this negativity. As a kid maybe you were not given a chance to lead your life the way you wanted to, but what is stopping you now from giving your own kid a chance to fulfill her dreams.

Look at your child, analyze her skills, notice which her strength is. Work on her strengths; push her to excel in that field. Every girl need not become a doctor, let her do something that she is good at and she is bound to shine. Encourage girls to be independent and always imbibe in them a whole lot of self respect and self worth. One who respects herself will not think of suicide like a coward.

One look at Saina Nehwal’s life and she has been through all sorts of troubles and has faced a lot of gender discrimination as well. Her sporting skills have made her a world famous Sports star now. Let’s take some inspiration from this strong Athena and try to make this world a better place for our daughters and for us.

Athena Visheshta

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2 Responses

  1. badrinath_t says:

    Young ladies are picking this option because they are taught to give all that they can and that includes their life as well. My mother is no less than any man but all I have seen her do all her life is SACRIFICE.

  2. diana says:

    Teenagers have to deal with a lot on their plates. Harmonal changes are a major concern. Most of the time they do not know what they are feeling? We have all been teenagers once and its up to us now to recognise the signs and get help before its too late.

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