Tea Time

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Tea Time


Why would tea time the best time? You may wonder! Because it is the best time to express love.

Here is a story of a mother who almost lost contact with her children despite living together. Today many moms are working, and, spending quality time with their children has drastically been reduced. Because of this, children too, face a change in their habits. To set things right, you really need to set some precious time for them. Time is the greatest gift you can give to your children, as Elisa, a mother of two girls did.

When Elisa’s two daughters attained their teen, they began to ignore their mother and walk straight to their rooms after coming from school each day. Life became such a drag that living together was just mechanical. Each one created their own world and lived happily in it, ignoring others. Computers, internet and cell phones have become their best friends. Elisa became concerned about her daughters’ change of habits and her inability to communicate with them. Her solution? She implemented “tea time.”

Each day, Elisa prepared a pot of hot tea or iced tea, with some sandwiches, fruits and chocolates decorated with some garden flowers and presented it on the table. She would also sit down and sip a cup of tea so that when the girls pass by her after school, they might see both mom and tea are available. At first, for a few days they ignored the goodies and the tea placed on the table. Then gradually, as days pass by, they began to stop by and say “hi” and pick some goodies and sandwiches. Very soon, however, they began to stop, have tea and began conversation with mom. First, on her part, Elisa would listen to the girls more, as they share their feelings and experiences about their day.

Elisa’s plan of “tea time” made contact with her daughters because of the love she had towards them. Elisa made it clear for her daughters that there is a time each day for them where they can find their mom, who, they know will listen to them.

Remember, love and time are two important things which cannot be separated. Time is our most precious gift because we only have a set amount of it. When you give someone your time, you give them a portion of your life which you’ll never get back. If you love your children, you need to give them your time.

Do you know that you can manage time and make yourself available for others? Know, that the best inheritance a mom can give to her children is a few minutes of her time each day. Be wise and make the most of every opportunity!

Why can’t tea time the best time to love your children?


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6 Responses

  1. shee_shee12345 says:

    There is no better stress buster than a one on one mother daughter time. :)

  2. diana says:

    Patience pays, wish there were more like her.

  3. badrinath_t says:

    Parents mostly are judgmental and that why I feel kids do not communicate with them. Nice to see that there are ways to open the channel of communication again.

  4. sreenivasan says:

    This can work not just in the parent child relationship but in all relationships. Agree with Badri that not being judgmental is the key.

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