Technology- No Way Around It

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Technology- No Way Around It

technology no way around itOH MY GOD, it’s already Sunday night rushing to meet Monday morning. I don’t like it; I don’t like it at all. Infact I hate it. For me and I think for most of us girls a typical Monday morning starts with a shrill alarm loud enough to wake up the dead. But I am really grateful to my cell phone which doubles up as an alarm clock and more grateful for the feature which allows me to specify the days I want the alarm to ring so I don’t have to bother with switching it off over the weekend and then forgetting to set it again on a Sunday night. Trust me I don’t have a count of the number of times I had got into trouble before my cell phone for that. I mean the last thing on my mind on a Friday night is switching the alarm off.

That makes me think about all that technology has given us women; so many gadgets and appliances that just make our life simpler and tasks easier. That the task list is never ending and keeps increasing by the minute is another matter altogether.

Let me enlist – a Smartphone which knows when to wake me up and when not, keeps track of appointments, b’days and anniversaries, keeps me in touch with friends and the world, any information needed is available in seconds, doubles up as a camera, book, music system, map and what not.

Then come the coffeemaker, the microwave, refrigerator, toaster, electric kettle, food processor and hand blender. In spite of having a cook all these things are needed to get me and my family ready for the day ahead by keeping us well supplied with food as and when needed. Add the compact but efficient hot case for carrying our lunches which can be plugged in and you can get piping hot soup even at 3 in the afternoon.

Now add the marvels of technology we use at work – the state of the art workstations, super speedy internet connections and again the cell phone. Can you imagine meeting the client without a thorough research about the company profile? Not to mention the huge number of documents and that smart and informative ppt. can you imagine going around printing ALL of that and carrying around heaps of files with you, or making a presentation on transparent sheets with markers for use via a projector? Sorry but I can’t. And I am grateful that I was not born 15 years earlier. I really adore my small, humble mouse which can provide me anything in a matter of clicks – be it a cake for sending to a friend or groceries.

And now a day I have become a huge fan of online shopping for the sheer convenience of it. I have bought from kadai to clothes online and have never regretted the decision. Infact sometimes I end up getting a better deal online then at the retail store. Unlike when I buy something from a physical store I need not run from one corner of the city to another to get the best deal. It’s all there online.

Then comes the selling part where you can get rid of all your old stuff by auctioning it or just making deals with anyone who is interested in picking up a second hand item. Well, I have not done that myself yet but my friends have and they were happy to get a price much more than they were expecting.

Add to that the vast arena of career opportunities – from finding a job to being an entrepreneur who works online, from running to office everyday and worrying about leaves to work from home. Is there one thing in our lives that has not been touched by technology and transformed?


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