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April 14th 2013, brought me the biggest challenges of my life. Two of my friends, one whom I know very well and the other whom I haven’t even seen decided to start a blog. A few phone calls, a few classes, a few brain storming sessions and Athenastake started out on this very auspicious day. The Tamil New year and the harvest festival of many other states was the perfect day for us to start our little venture.

The challenge was to be different and girl it was challenging. The team of Athenas has been growing steadily and this is what each one had to say on our first birthday. Trust me I feel like the proudest parent in the world today.Happy birthday Athenastake


OMG!!! It’s been a year already?? How time does fly!! When this blog was started, it was done so with a two-fold mission;

a) To bring about change. Change in how society defines the role of women, change in
mindsets about crimes against women and change in the dynamics of relationships involving women, and

b) To enable and encourage women to empower themselves. While Athenastake is a long way away from achieving this two-fold mission, the first few tottering steps have been taken and we can only go forward from here.

Sure, we have miles to go before we sleep but the journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step and we at Athenas are proud to say that we have taken more than that small step.

Happy anniversary, Athenas!!


Helllooooooooooooooooo everyone!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to dear Aadhya, Happy birthday to me.

Ok, I have not gone crazy, its really my birthday. How?? Coz this is the day Aadhya was born along with Athena’s Take. Till then I was just another girl wanting to make a difference and trying desperately to find a way to do that and Athena’s Take let me take a step towards that. That need to do something and this blog gave birth to Aadhya. From all the love that I have received on this blog I can proclaim that Aadhya has been able to stir at least a few emotions in at least one person and Athena’s Take as a blog has done that to many.

So now, Happy Birthday to Us, , Happy birthday to Us, Happy birthday to Athena Aadhya, Happy birthday to Us.



Never in my wildest dreams had I thought I would be a writer. Hats off to Athenas take for making the impossible possible.  I always believed that to be a writer you needed to have a flowery vocabulary, racy imagination and excellent command over language but Athenas Take made me realize that all you need to be writer is Feelings and Honesty and when you have these words will automatically flow.

Being married into a traditional and conservative family I am a normal middle class house wife and a proud mother of two lovely daughters. In these twelve years I’ve had my share of ups and downs; seen a lot and am still learning.

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop and this is what happens when we are caught in the rut of day to day monotony and squabbles. Everybody in their lives at some time is bogged down by circumstances and is totally helpless to do anything about it.  When I faced such a situation Athenas Take opened a door for me. Suddenly I began removing negative thoughts from my mind and kept it busy buzzing with thoughts for my articles.

The irony is when I myself was muddled with problems I was always given the task of writing solutions to problems. It was while writing these solutions I realized that the BIGGEST SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEM IS YOURSELF. I found a way out of my depressing stage through Athenas take.

It has been a wonderful experience sharing my views, reading others views and comments and all this has really boosted my self confidence. It has opened my mind to a lot of issues we women face day to day and we all have it in us to come out successfully ultimately.

I thank Athenas Take for giving me this opportunity to discover myself and hope this journey continues for many more birthdays to come.


Athena Mira


It’s been a year since Athena’s take opened its door for us, the writers and the readers. It has been a journey with ups and downs.   It’s been a wonderful journey.

ATHENAS’TAKE was conceived by a friend of mine who carried her full term and gave birth to this blog.  She was helped in the endeavour by few trusted friends. Many of us hopped into the bandwagon to see ATHENA’S TAKE take the stumbling steps. We were a motley group of Godmothers who brought our own way of nurturing the baby, ATHENA’S.

Each one of us has different experiences of being involved with Athena.  We grew with her and in fact each one of us has gained different experiences being associated with her.  This is my journey with Athena and my own personal growth with Athena.

I   have always enjoyed writing and preferred to write about whatever I wanted to write about and at my own pace. Being with Athena gave me the discipline of writing within a stipulated time. Many a time my friend had to call and remind me about the deadlines.!!!!!!!! My horizon became broader as I had to think about a variety of topics which generally do not come into my spectrum.    I am comfortable writing about things that I feel deeply about. Now I had to write about topics that sometimes do not have that emotional connection. That was a challenge.

The thrill of getting the first article published and the excitement of seeing my words on print is priceless. To get my first comment to experience the high that people enjoy reading what I have written and have bothered to give a comment.

These are my experience with Athena’s, but as a group of ladies how did we fare?

There were discussions about what topic to run the following week? We had discussions about how to get more visitors to the site? How to improve the site? Not compromising on the vision and the mission in order to get more clicks. In the end the individuals who came to write for Athena became a being with one thought, the issues that are faced by women and what pliable solutions can be suggested for that. It was a year of trials of tribulations but we are going strong. Three cheers to Athena’s.

Happy birthday to us.

Athena Chaitanya


When I first came across the site Athena`s take, I thought that it will be like so many other sites springing up in the net today. But it came as a pleasant surprise to me the way new thoughts and views were exchanged by women from different walks of life. Somewhere along the way, we become cynical and pessimistic in our views of the world around us.

Athena`s take completely changed my perspective and also gave me an opportunity to air my views on any subject under the sun. It recognizes you as a complete entity by yourself and shows us our responsibilities not only towards our family and friends but also to the society as well. Bringing out the various facets of the many issues faced by women is done in an honest and no nonsense manner.

Hopefully Athena`s take will show us the light for years to come and has my sincerest wishes for its continued success on its first anniversary.

Athena Shafiya


Congratulations, Athena’s take for successful completion of one year. Even though I am new to this blog, I feel a sense of camaraderie amongst the other bloggers. The Crystal clear views and a plethora of varying opinions make us re-evaluate our stands in various walks of life, which have unknowingly become rigid. Changing for the better is always good and thank you Athena’s take for providing delightful insights. Hope we have many happy years together.

Athena Ayesha

The mission and vision is both clearer now. We know the issues we are focusing on. Finding solutions and sharing it is not the end. We are surely going to help many others find solutions to their problems as well. The importance of team work was something already known to us but the extent of the strength of team work has become clearer now.

 We women are the masters of multi tasking. Multi tasking within the brain is another gift given to us by Athenas Take. No more are we housewives or working women who are just living life for the sake of it. Today we are all writers and entrepreneurs who are working for the betterment of not just our lives but for the betterment of many and any life that we can touch.

 Thank-you feels like a small word today. My team, my core, my friends, my writers, my life there is a lot more to be done but where Athenas Take is today, the credit goes to you all, the writers and those who have read the blog and supported us in our venture.

 The old mantra ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’ has now been modified by us and the new mantra is’ Jack Of All Trades And Master Of Some’. The first few steps have been taken and now there is going to be no looking back.

 Athena Visheshta

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4 Responses

  1. RAM says:

    Its in deed a great to know that you have turned one year old.Time flies really fast. Keep up the good work and wish you many many more prosperous years ahead.

  2. Fayaz Pasha says:

    Belated Greetings to Visheshta, Ayesha, Shafiya, Chaitanya, Mira, Aadhya, Diana and rest of the Athenas for completing a successful year. Wish you all Athenas more success in the years to come and hope that you will spread light, awareness and guide women.

    Happy belated Birthday to Diana and Aadhya.

  3. Indrani says:

    You people are doing a great job with these blog postings. I like how they stir up the innermost thoughts and feelings. I wish you more success in the coming years!

  4. Aadhya says:

    Thanks a lot everyone for the wishes. Athena’s take could not have reached here without your love.

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