The Gunny Bag – Don’t Carry It Around

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The Gunny Bag – Don’t Carry It Around 

GUNNY BAGThis may sound ridiculous, but many people do that today and are still angry and upset with the gunny bag – THE PAST EVENTS. They are even dysfunctional in their normal day to day relationships with their family members and friends.

Christina, one of my friends, was still mad and sad about an event that went sour a year ago. She and her husband Dan had to go without talking for a month because she was carrying the “Gunny Bag” around.

Christina is a very nice person yet she wouldn’t forget the event that happened a year ago. She and Dan had to move to another place for Dan’s work, leaving her most loved job. They got settled in the new place. It was so beautiful and Christina also found a new job. But the new job was not up to her liking and was not like the previous one. She had to stay on this job because she couldn’t find a better one than this. So, all the time, her mind was in her previous job and that made her husband miserable. Because of this, she won’t talk to her husband. Every time she would meet someone she’d pull out from the gunny bag this event and express her anger.

 I once met her at a wedding and found her to be very miserable. As usual she poured out all her feelings which she has been carrying all around. When I heard this, I decided to bring her out of this. No wonder the magic words did brought her out of her past and let go of the gunny bag. I asked her “How does it serve you to hold on to this issue or feeling?” This made her think and helped her to come out of it and finally live a happy life.

 Sometimes simple questions like this can become a life changer.  Instead of accepting the situation, many people like Christina practice what is called “gunny bagging” or carrying it around with them, ready to pull it out and show to anyone who expresses interest. Rather than to push them to let it go, they cling on to it and make their life miserable.

 We often hold on to the negative things in life because we think it protects us and fail to take a chance on something new such as a new business activity.

 One of the hallmarks of happy people is that they look past the problems and accept the past events as facts that cannot be changed. We can only learn from the past events.

 Let’s throw the gunny bag we’ve been carrying around and start living!


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3 Responses

  1. badrinath_t says:

    This is one thing that we all carry and I feel that life will be a hundred times better if we all can just forgive and forget.

  2. shee_shee12345 says:

    Forgive and forget, nice thought but you need a big heart to do that. Yes, we all need to unload and move ahead.

  3. Chaitanya says:

    I do agree that we need to practice forgive and forget which would lighten us more. Letting go of past hurt is difficult to many people and they have to really strive to let go. It takes a lot of practice and graciousness to forgive and forget. Is it really easy for those whose scars are deep and raw?

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