The Honeymoon Prank

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The Honeymoon Prank

Love marriages are filled with controversies and scandals, this is the evil side. The other side is filled with love, romance and weird sweet memories. Mine is a love marriage, I am a Christian married to a Hindu. After a long wait and many hardships we finally got married but then disaster struck and our all important honeymoon got delayed. Thank God it was not like a major delay and after a month we were finally on the way to Chandipur in Odisha. The place was beautiful and we had all our alone time as well.THE HONEYMOON PRAK

Now, I am a big chatterbox and my hubby is a quiet person. We are such opposites that everyone says that I am the naughty brat and he is the innocent husband but this is sooooo far from the truth. He has a funny side and then he has this very naughty side. All through the vacation he kept telling me that he wanted me to have a drink so that I would tell him all my deepest darkest secrets.

One the last night of our trip he took me to this fab restaurant which had a bar as well. He ordered something for himself and told the waiter a Bacardi on the rocks for me. Then after convincing me by saying he would keep it a lifelong secret and black mailing me with a lot of lovie dovie words he made me have the drink.

I took my first sip and this drink tasted good. I had heard all my life that it tastes yucky and how do men manage to drink all this non sense etc. I thought am I being a bad person enjoying this but it tasted good and so I forgot all the good bad fight running inside my head and took the next sip. The lime flavored drink went down and I started feeling like Amitabh Bachchan. Don’t go back and read the previous line I did start feeling like Amitabh sir.

Very soon I started talking all sorts of things and was feeling very light or should I say high. I finished the drink and kept telling my hubby that this is not good but it tastes too good. He sitting opposite to me just kept laughing and laughing. The smile on his face was just too big to be real.

The next morning the minute I woke up he began laughing his lungs out. I was in a complete state of shock as to why the hell was he laughing. He asked me how the drink was. I sheepishly told him, “It was awesome”. He then pulled out a bottle and placed it on the table, it was a Bacardi Breezer Lime flavor. With his big infectious smile he told me that the alcohol percentage is only 2% in this drink it is sooo less that there is no way that I could have got drunk.

I haven’t been that lucky to enjoy another Bacardi Breezer but the way that Lime flavor went down my throat was magic and I can still remember the taste though this actually happened many years ago and don’t get your hopes high I am not going to tell you how long ago or else all of you will guess my age and as of now I have been 25 for a while and am of legal age to enjoy a superb drink like this one. Cheers to all my readers and hope you enjoy a Breezer soon and let me know which flavor did you like the most.

Athena Visheshta

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3 Responses

  1. Vijay Prabhu says:

    Nice take Athena loved the post :) all the best for the contest

  2. Ragini Puri says:

    I read this one again now and had a good giggle all by myself. 😉

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