The Other Side……….

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The Other Side……….

MALE GDAny article you read and you see that when we discuss gender discrimination it’s the women folk who are the victims. Just to have a look I searched to see if there are men who are facing such gender discrimination issues. To my surprise there was not just a hand full of cases there were a whole lot of cases. Men too face a lot of troubles and that too at all ages.

A lot of young boys who are slightly puny in their build are often targeted. They are compared with their older siblings and sometimes comparisons are made against their sisters. “She is better than you, learn to talk and greet people like her”, these are the words that little Aaron has been hearing since he can remember. This kid who is now seven tells me that he can never be better than his sister.

A few of my friends in college use to enjoy watching serials…I mean our Hindi soap operas. One of them was a karate black belt. His constant complaint was I can’t watch what I want to because his family members would laugh at him, tease him and his mother just didn’t let him sit and watch. He says the amount of drama there is in a Hindi soap in half an hour will not be there even for months in real life. Today he is married and has two kids and feels that just because he was a boy he wasn’t allowed to even watch TV of his choice.

The master find were these group of men. They are all going through divorces. Their wives are absolute bullies. These guys are just too soft spoken to fight back. The reason for divorce is incompatibility but the divorce case that the girls have filed is for dowry. These guys who are innocent have no proof that they haven’t done anything. Just because they are men, anybody who looks at them feels that they are the culprits. Melvin says,” I am a self made man but still in court the judge, the lawyers, the cops, everybody looks at me as if they are going to hit me with the lathi right now”.  Amaya says “it’s my kid who is suffering but she just doesn’t want to listen. Since my daughter is only five years old, nobody is ready to give me her custody”.

Yes, the number of men facing gender discrimination is low. Each and every one of us women would have felt gender discrimination at different stages and in different walks of life. The other side of the coin is that there are a few men who are facing this trouble too.

The way to get around gender discrimination is to change the way we think. No one is superior to the other. Life is like a car, if you want the car to go in one direction you need to steer it that way. If the husband and wife want to steer their lives in different directions that car is not going to get anywhere. Who should then sit at the driver’s seat? I would say look at the issue in hand, if both feel that the lady is better in this issue, let her drive and vice versa.

Only when we change the way we think, can we teach our children equality and understanding. Come on Athenas if you know any other form of gender discrimination against men; enlighten me and our readers as well.

Athena Visheshta

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2 Responses

  1. sreenivasan says:

    Truly its not the men who are always wrong. I like the fact that a womans site has written this article. Shows you are looking at both faces of the coin.

  2. Aadhya says:

    We have to. Being a womans site means that we will discuss everything a woman feels is an issue.

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