The Workplace Doormat- Is that You????

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The Workplace Doormat- Is that you?

The work place doormat is that you

Hiiiiiii honeys n their loves

Nice to see u after soooooo long. Where have you been??

Ok, fine. This is not supposed to be my question but question for me and I am supposed to answer not the other way round.

But still ANSWER me, ALL OF YOU. Where the hell have you been? What’s wrong with you? Don’t you know you are supposed to keep me informed about your whereabouts?

Feeling annoyed already and thinking who the hell she thinks she is? How dare her be bossy and use such language with me? She is talking just like my boyfriend, brother, mother, boss etc. etc. She has lost it completely, egoistical woman.

Sorry pals, not so soon. I am perfectly fine and you are not getting rid of me anytime soon.

Actually, I was watching Sex and the City2 (movie) a couple of days back,wherein the lovely Miranda, a talented lawyer says, “I thought my boss hated my voice.  But he just hated the fact that I had a voice”

And I was like ‘ Whoa, that’s what I feel most of the time, and my colleague and my friends and neighbour and maid and….. Well, the list is endless. Basically most of the women I know feel the same, specially at work.

I have been working for many years now and majority of men I have come in contact with simply hate the fact that I open my mouth for words other than Yes Boss. Sounds amazing na? Ofcourse it is. After all it takes the burden of using my brain and thinking and taking decisions off my delicate shoulders which can barely bear the weight of a dupatta.

BUT the problem is that my brain WORKS. I know my job and when I know I am right then there is no way that my mouth will remain shut. It seems to get a personality of its own and tells the other person what the brain has been thinking and refuses to close. Thankfully there exists a filter between my brain and mouth so I somehow manage to keep myself out of getting sacked on the spot. You know those thoughts like’you misogynistic a*****’.

Such experiences over the years make me wanna shout out loud that I am NOT a DOORMAT and if you want one then go and hire an idiot, there are plenty out there who will be more than happy to bow down to your whims and fancies. But no, you need someone intelligent enough to be blamed when things go wrong.

Inspite of seething with anger day in and day out, we rarely dare to speak up because of various reasons like we are an important part of family finances and can’t afford to lose the income even for a month or we can’t take up that offer in another city coz of family responsibilities or the up coming promotion is crucial for our career progression or we are simply tired of fighting with anyone and everyone all the time even for things which we deserve, which is the case with me. No, it doesn’t means that I keep quite, it’s just that I have learned to choose my battles and utilise my time and energy more judiciously.

After all, even a minute spent arguing with someone is a minute out of my precious life. Whether to spend it fuming with rage inside while smiling outside or give the other person a taste of their own medicine is something that only I can decide the best.

So can you………


Its been a while and this week we are working on a topic called the doormat syndrome. This is a phase in all our lives when we just let anyone and everyone treat us like a doormat. Its time for you to look into yourself and push yourself to not be that doormat.

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5 Responses

  1. shee_shee12345 says:

    Having a voice has been both my boon and bane. Off late specially on the work front its just turned into a bane. As pointed out by you Aadhya, its time to pick and choose your battles and not take non sense from one and all.

  2. I think juniors all face this same problem. Speaking from experience, i can safely say that good advice is hardly ever heeded and when your prediction comes true, no cognizance is given anyway. Frustrating!

  1. July 13, 2015

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  2. July 20, 2015

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