Think, Realize and Change for the Better

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Think , Realize and Change for the Better

               At Athenas Take we have always batted for issues concerning women and when it comes to married women it mostly points to husbands by default.  A lot has been written discussed and even expectations for improvement have been stated. To take an impartial stand I decided to conduct a survey asking husbands (strictly excluding mine) about their issues and expectations as after all nobody is perfect including wives. Showing some reluctance initially (as it is bad to complain about your wife to another woman) they finally poured their hearts out after some convincing and coaxing.THINK, REALISE AND CHANGE FOR THE BEETER

So this is what they had to say

HUSBAND 1: She has to interrupt at least half a dozen times during my half an  hour newspaper time.

HUSBAND 2: It is the same during my T.V time.

HUSBAND 3:  She always has a counter opinion to anything I say.

HUSBAND 4: She has a special art of nagging and will not stop till her wish is fulfilled.

HUSBAND 5: Oh yes, you end up feeling guilty if you don’t give in and that is precisely her intention.

HUSBAND 6: Why does she have to include me for every outside work? Even mundane school shoe shopping has to be a family affair.

HUSBAND 7: Mine is totally opposite and does not even consult me before any major purchase presuming she is always right.

HUSBAND 8: She says I don’t spend quality time with children and when I do it she ends up monitoring.

HUSBAND 9: I do not interfere when she scolds the children but when I do it she immediately springs to their defense.

HUSBAND 10: Her planning for the coming weekend begins from Monday . She fails to understand that all I want at times is a quiet weekend at home.

HUSBAND 11: Quiet weekend! All I dream of is a quiet dinner. Sometimes she shows more interest in feeding me with happenings of the day and gossip more than food.

HUSBAND 12:  And  the complaints. She tends to forget that her mother in law happens to be my mother and I might feel hurt hearing so many negative things about her.

HUSBAND 13: I do not ask her what she speaks to her parents but she needs to know every detail of the conversation I have with mine.

HUSBAND 14: She even keeps track of outings with my siblings , friends and has a record of time I spend with them.

HUSBAND 15: If I do not return at the specified ttime I can expect a call the next minute.

HUSBAND 16: Of course when it concerns her folks and friends the rules are totally different.

HUSBAND 17: She calls(mostly when I’m in the middle of a meeting) to ask if I’ve had lunch or taken my tablet.

HUSBAND 18: It’s nice to be fussed over but sometimes it gets too much.

          Well there were many more but to summarize I would like to say that just like how it is important for us even our husbands need to be  given their SPACE AND FREEDOM.

         We wives by nature are a bit possessive and protective which is why at times we get overboard with our affection or displeasure. It is not always necessary to make our presence felt.

         The time has come for us to Think, Realize and Change for the Better as being the better half it is our duty to make our husband’s life as better as possible.

Athena Mira

Inspiring change for the better has always been considered good and in a strife to try more read Daughter in need is a daughter indeedGet inspired and change to be that better teacher and A better grand daughter.

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5 Responses

  1. shafiya says:

    A well written post . It does shows us very clearly the guy’s perspective of things.When I can understand that a guy needs his own space,the guy needs to know that a wife can be a part of his life but for a wife the husband and kids are her world.Thumbs up Mira for a very different post.

  2. Chandra says:

    Loved reading this as I could relate to so many of the things mentioned by the various husbands! My husband will totally agree to most points on this post. And another interesting compliant that husbands have is that for the wife “her money is her money but my money is our money” :-)

  3. Indrani says:

    OMG! Really!!! Husbands cribbed on all these points!
    Great post! I like how you balance between wives and husbands! :)

  4. Aadhya says:

    Thnaks Mira for this wonderful post. We all have this human tendency to keep blaming everyone and everything else except our shortcomings but you have inspired us to look above and beyond ourselves.

  5. Rosalind says:

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