Three Incidents Three Instant Lessons

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Three Incidents Three Instant Lessons

THREE INCIDENTS THREE LESSONSThe heat in India in the summers is unbearable and as you come to Chennai  I feel the heat just doubles. The reason the heat is so difficult to bear is because its too hot and too humid. A whole lot of birds die during summers. Often I would come across posts on Facebook and other networking sites requesting people to keep water in little basins outside their home windows. As a good Facebook user I would read and hit the like button but never bothered to implement it in real life.

One morning as I was about to drop my daughter in school, I found a pretty looking birdbath cemented to the sidewalk. In it was written Blue Cross of India. My kids bombarded me with questions and I answered. Which brought us to a very nice question- “who will refill the water every day?” I used this opportunity to turn words into actions for my kids as well as for me. From then on we have been filling the birdbath with water everyday and what we see is an awesome sight. Lots of birds which I never get to see normally because we live in a metro. Thank you to Blue Cross and truly they are leading by example.

It was an empty street and Pranita was driving her scooty. As she took a turn all of a sudden a bitch walked onto the road with her three cute little pups in tow. It was a nano second and the next thing Pranita remembered was waking up in the hospital. She had bruises all over her body but the good news was that she hadn’t broken any bones.

Sudeep her husband asked what happened and how she managed to have an accident on a street which was practically empty. Sheepishly she told her husband how the bitch and pups came onto the road suddenly. She had two choices; run over one of the dogs or get off the road. She picked the second option but lost control of the vehicle and had a bad fall. Sudeep was fuming “what sort of a fool are you to go and risk such injuries for a dog?” Pranita just took a moment looked him straight in the eye and said “I am a mother and that’s the sort of fool I am, if I cannot see anyone harm my kids I cannot harm someone else’s kid even if it’s a human or an animal”.

Sudeep looked at her and then he looked away. He loved his wife dearly and now he respected her more. Sometimes life is all about being selfless is what he goes around telling others when he proudly narrates his wife’s driving escapade.

Benny is a beautiful Golden Labrador; unfortunately he was abandoned by his owner. With no place to go he was lucky to be adopted by the Army set up in Chennai. Today he doesn’t belong to one person; he belongs to one big family. Suddenly one day Benny was missing. Guess someone dog napped him, after a month Benny was spotted walking in the cantonment but he was very skinny and had an eye infection. Instantly people started feeding him. Little kids took him to the garden and with a pipe they gently washed his eyes. The water was such a big relief to Benny eyes.

Within few days Benny was back to being his happy healthy self. One evening in one of the houses there was a snake which was approaching an old grandmother. Benny would often sit with this old lady when she would be in the garden. The minute Benny say the snake he took off and within seconds all that was left off the snake was few bloody pieces.

Benny never has shown any anger towards humans in general, he was abandoned by one, dog napped by another and then left to die on the streets. He just loves people unconditionally; he is more than thankful for any sort of affection that is passed on to him.

There is world load of stuff that we can learn from animals and by being around them. Do let us know about your pets or buddies, their names or anything interesting about them.

Athena Visheshta

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4 Responses

  1. shee_shee12345 says:

    I have grown up with pets around me, they are truly our best friends and then you can learn a lot from them and their simplicity.

  2. diana says:

    The only relationship where there is a whole lot of give and absolutely no take in return, all they want is love. Wish people could be like them.

  3. badrinath_t says:

    Its nice to see that there are some organisations in India that are working and are not corrupt. Kudos to Blue Cross.

  4. sreenivasan says:

    A pleasant read.

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