Tips To Avoid Disasters At Home For Kids

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Tips To Avoid Disasters At Home For Kids

TIPS FOR SAFETY OF CHILDRENAs an adult you and I may know how to get out of a disaster at home, when we say disaster we mean a fire, gas leak etc. It is extremely vital to teach your children about these dangers and then how to save themselves as well. Survival tips for the jungle are as vital as survival tips to escape disasters as well.

Fire accidents

  1.      Educate your kids about the doors and windows in the house. Most deaths occur due to suffocation. Teach your children to NOT run and hide inside the house but to try and get out.
  2.      Tell them to pour water on themselves and in and around the area that they are.
  3.      Teach them the number of the fire brigade.
  4.     Teach them your neighbours number also so that they can call someone nearby for help and not depend on you when you are in your office or elsewhere.

Gas leak

  1. First and foremost they should know how to switch off the gas in case they smell gas.
  2. Next vital thing is to not stay in the kitchen and try to head out of the home.
  3. They should open out all the doors and windows.
  4. At once call an adult to help you.

Broken arm or leg

If they are alone and are hurt badly

  1. Teach them to get to the closest phone and call for help.
  2. Find a scale or something straight and use it as support to tie the broken arm or leg.
  3. They must not attempt any sort of unnecessary shifting unless they have an adult or medical aid close by.
  4. The number of an ambulance or hospital should be known to all children.

First Aid

  1. Teach them the basics of first aid.
  2. Keep the first aid kit in a place that is reachable and known to the kids.
  3. Blood is not something to be scared of so you be bold and teach your kids to be bold.

Electricity Shock

  1. Wearing shoes or slipper is a must and should be compulsory for kids even if they have to switch on the television.
  2. Teach them where the main switch is and keep a wooden stick close by for them to be able to switch it off. Most home will have automatic cut off these days but still this education will not harm them.
  3. It’s very vital to teach them to not touch the person who is getting the shock.

As a parent it’s your job to teach them. It’s an even bigger job to make sure that the house is child proof and is safe for them. Do not delay tasks which can put kids in a dangerous situation. Keep phone numbers written in some place that is visible so that they can call you or emergency services.

Playing with the phone or calling emergency services for fun should never be encouraged and the seriousness of the issue should be explained.

This is one situation where it is okay to be stupid or paranoid, than to be sorry. These tips should be taught to kids of all age groups and let us parents keep them prepared and safe.

Sheela Pakianathan

Guest Blogger

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