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True Soul-Mates

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Hello Athenas! Happy Friendship Day to y’all! Today, I’ll share the story of two amazing young women’s journey of friendship and camaraderie, which originally began as a mutual dislike even before they had met each other.

Jyotsna, the young lady we have already talked about in a previous article, first heard of Diksha on a sweltering hot afternoon in May a few years ago. She had recently shifted to a new city and decided to enroll in the nearby gym. On her first day, the instructor and several members warned her to stay away from someone named Diksha who was apparently a high-and-mighty snob who never seemed to interact with anyone and even if she did, her replies were always so curt that no one dared to continue the conversation. Jyotsna was intrigued by this supposed Ice Queen and her natural curiousity made her want to meet Diksha.

She had recently started a new job and her gym timings varied depending on whether or not she had to work late. As a result, it was a couple of weeks before she came face to face with the Ice Queen. For her part, Diksha had heard from her acquaintances at the gym that Jyotsna was a spoilt rich little rich girl who only used branded stuff even for workouts: branded sweat bands, branded running shoes, branded backpack and even a branded water bottle. And all of her gear were out of the top drawer and unbelievably expensive. This prejudiced Diksha against the newest member of the gym even before she had met her. But she was curious to meet her all the same.

Finally, the Ice Queen and the Rich Little Rich Girl met for the first time one evening just as Jyotsna was wiping off the sweat after a rigorous workout session. Diksha walked in and stared open-mouthed at the young lady who was busily wiping her face. True, she was dressed in workout clothes much like everyone else, but even from a distance, it could be clearly discerned that her clothes were of the highest quality. The spoilt brat, thought Diksha. Just then, Jyotsna glanced up and saw her. She gave a tentative smile and rose from her chair, introducing herself to the other girl in a soft, cultured voice. Both the girls were pleasantly surprised by how normal and likeable the other one was. But they did not warm to each other immediately. Days passed with the two girls having a desultory conversation now and then when they happened to be in the gym at the same time. All that changed when one day, Diksha found Jyotsna standing outside the gym, haggling with auto drivers who appeared to be giving her a hard time. She walked down the stairs and asked Jyotsna what the problem was. The other young lady explained that her car had broken down on the way to the gym and her driver was with the mechanics trying to ascertain what the trouble was. Now she had to go home in an autorickshaw and since she was new to the city and quite unfamiliar with the language, the auto drivers were giving her a hard time. Diksha asked where she was going and when she discovered that Jyotsna lived quite close to her own place, she offered to drop her.

On the drive to Jyotsna’s place, Diksha discovered that the young lady she had heard so much about was not a rich, spoilt brat at all, but a highly qualified, sensible, intelligent young woman who was climbing the career ladder much like her. She just preferred to have the best of everything and was very brand-specific, that’s all. And that can hardly be considered a flaw. Jyotsna for her part, found nothing icy about the Ice Queen. True, Diksha’s remarks were short and to the point, but they were not rude. And besides, she had offered to drop her without a second’s hesitation. This only highlighted her helpful nature to Jyotsna.

The drive to Jyotsna’s place was the ice breaker their relationship needed. From that day onwards, they ran into each other at the gym more frequently and slowly started opening up to each other. The more they communicated, the more Jyotsna felt that the world was wrong about Diksha. To her surprise and utter delight, she found her thoughts and ideas mirrored in Diksha’s. The two girls’ minds were not only in tandem, it was like two halves of a puzzle had been put together seamlessly. Despite this, the relationship wasn’t smooth sailing, however.

A rumor was making the rounds around the gym, basically assassinating Diksha’s character. Some other members brought it to the Diksha’s attention that it was Jyotsna who was behind these rumors. Though she knew full well that her friend could not be behind such malicious gossip, she was mighty annoyed with her nevertheless for putting herself in such a situation. She wanted to wring the young woman’s neck for giving people a chance, even a remote one, to try to cause trouble with their friendship. Fortunately, good sense prevailed.

Slowly but surely, as the two girls realized that their minds were completely in sync with one another, they grew closer. Minor altercations kept happening because the same unscrupulous elements mentioned above wanted to play Divide and Conquer. When those tactics failed, these elements resorted to trying to incite trouble between the two. Diksha had a quick-fire temper and Jyotsna was more deliberate, but prone to panic easily. This quick temper sometimes led Diksha to mistake the intentions behind Jyotsna’s actions. But the one thing this relationship DID NOT lack was honest and open communication. After a while, when both girls were sufficiently calm, they always discussed the altercation and worked things out.

Now, though working in two different cities, they still turn to each other whenever something crops up in their personal or professional lives. Such full disclosure is only possible when each party trusts the other implicitly. And of course, each one having the complete knowledge of how the other would react in any particular situation (which freaks out others who know them) helps to cement this connection which goes beyond the superficial and deep into their souls.


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13 Responses

  1. Nice. . . Happy Friendship Day. . :)

  2. Indrani says:

    A beautiful post for friendship day!
    Talking has always helped in solving problems, i liked this.

  3. shee_shee12345 says:

    Wish you a happy friendship day Diana. You post makes it clear that friendship has its own way. Kudos to both you ladies.

  4. badrinath_t says:

    I wear a lot of branded items does that mean that I have two horns on my head. You people have such weird notions about others and then it finally clears up.

    Wish you a happy friendship day madam and I feel God made friends so that we can discuss, enjoy and make life easy. Cheers to you and your gym buddy.

  5. diana says:

    @ Thank-you and wish you the same :)

  6. diana says:

    @ Indrani Communication is the key to resolve any issue. As long as people understand that any relationship will stand the test of time.

  7. diana says:

    @Shee_shee Thank You and wish you the same.

  8. diana says:

    @ Badrinath Dear Sir, Possessing branded items doesn’t really make somebody a snob. Its the impressions that people get out of it that leads to wrong perceptions. And that was what the article was trying to bring out. No need to take every statement as a personal affront against you.

    A happy friendship day to you too.

  9. nice walk in the garden of friendship where it is always better to look with our own eyes
    good text

  10. sreenivasan says:

    A happy friendship day to all you Athenas. Keep it going :)

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