Unconditional Friendship

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Unconditional Friendship

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Image Courtesy Google

 Rohan looked at his watch, he had just checked in and had time to kill till he boarded his flight to Bombay for a meeting. He overheard couple of girls and boys taking about the best friendship quotes that they had read in a website. One girl said that the quote by Helen Keller, “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the night “was the best. Rohan thought so too. It was a nice quote and he smiled to himself.

At the same time a middle aged man who was sitting next to him muttered in an irritating voice to his neighbour, “Some reason or the other for them to go around and freak out in the name of friendship. How is it possible for a girl and a boy to be friends with each other?”

He turned to find a really irritated man and actually pitied him. He just could not keep quite as he thought that if he was going to be silent when he knew that the thoughts professed was doing injustice to all those friends out there and to friendship itself he decided to speak his mind.

“I am sorry sir, but I do not agree with your comment”

“Who are you to agree or disagree with me young man? If you had a sister will you let her go around with boys like this? The man turned his irritated eyes on Rohan.

“Sir, my sister is not my slave or a prisoner for me to let her do something. I want to tell you that you cannot paint everyone with the same brush and tell that everyone out there who says they are friends is just fooling around. There are many of them whose friendship is priceless. Let me tell you about the friendship between my fiancée and her friends. “

“I met Chandini in my cousin’s wedding. The bride’s younger brother has invited his close friends for the wedding. Chandini, Kaavya, Charan (my cousin) and Aditya are close friends.

In the wedding

Chandini tried to keep the pain from showing in her face. She did not want to spoil the fun the others were having. She did not want Charan’s day to be spoilt. It was his sister’s wedding after all. However her friends knew that she was not fell and she was recovering from an intestine infection. Charan kept coming back to their side to find out how she was feeling. She could not eat anything.

 At around 11’o clock in the night, Charan and Rohan were busy decorating the hall when Aditya, Kaavya and Chandini came in. They were staying in the same hotel where the wedding was arranged.

“Hey what are you doing here? “ Charan enquired.

“We decided to pitch in to help you”, Chandini replied.

They all had a good time decorating the hall. Rohan did not fail to observe that all the three of them kept bringing juices to Chandini who was sitting on the floor and decorating a plate. He could see that she was in pain and was trying her best not to show it so that she does not spoil the happiness of her friends.

Another day

Charan had gone to Rohan’s office and while they were chatting. Charan’s cell started to ring. Rohan saw how Charan went from carefree to concern in a matter of seconds. He turned to Rohan once he finished his call to say, “Anna, it is Chandini. She is doing a part time job nearby during this holiday. She is running a high temperature and wants to go back home, but is scared to go back alone in the train. Her parents are also not at home. I am going to pick her up.”

“Wait Charan, I will also come with you. We will take my car and take her to our Doctor.”

When they reached the place she was working, they found her in the reception room. When Chandini saw Charan she got up but before she could take a step towards him she fumbled. Charan and Rohan leapt quickly to her side. Chandini leaned on Charan and made her way to the car. Till they reached the doctor’s place she was leaning on Charan.

Rohan looked at the gentleman who was irritated with the youngsters earlier and said,” the more I spent the time with them the more I saw how deep their friendship was and fell in love with Chandini. There was the time when Charan had a fracture, Chandini, Kaavya and Aditya spent all their spare time with him writing notes for him or explaining things to him. That deep is their friendship.

Even today they have organised a fund raiser. Her parents had come to the fund raiser but could not stay the entire program to take her back with them. When my mother worried how she would make her way back home late at night, her father echoed the thought that was in my mind,” she is surrounded by friends. They will escort her home”. That is level of friendship that people have now a days.

As time goes they might go in different directions their life might change but the friendship will remain the same.

As the boarding call announcement was made Rohan got up to leave not before giving a parting shot,” In the altar of friendship it is only friendship that is seen and not the sex of the people who are friends.”

Athena Chaitanya

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11 Responses

  1. Sheela Pakianathan says:

    Friendship between a boy and girl is possible only when both parties value the friendship and don’t take advantage of it.

  2. Harsha says:

    Friendship is not done on the basis of Caste,Color,Race,Religion or Sex..But still some people see it that way and I feel sorry for them..

  3. Chaitanya says:

    Friendship comes with responsibilities, honesty and trust. When that trust is there then friendship reigns there.

  4. Indrani says:

    Unconditional friendship lasts forever.

  5. Vijay says:

    As I already said earlier I don’t think true friendship is possible in todays world. We have become too materialists for that

  6. Chaitanya says:

    True friendship is possible as I have experienced that. You just have to keep the hope and they are rare like diamonds. One has to earn it.

  7. Aadhya says:

    I believe love and hinesty are the only 2 things needed to maintain a friendship.

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