Under 18 – License to rape!!!!!!!!!!!

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Under 18 – License to rape!!!!!!!!!!!

December rape case and Mumbai rape case – we all are familiar with both. Both have many similarities like an innocent girl accompanied by a male friend/ colleague, gang raped by a bunch of sadist perverts and then one from each group claiming to be under 18 so that he can get away with a few months of light punishment if proved guilty.

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Here our laws and law makers need a pat on the back for the wonderful job they have done. Until you turn 18 you can’t buy liquor, go to pubs and drink publicly, vote and get a driving license. BUT you have the license to RAPE a girl so brutally that she dies a slow and painful death or spends her life nursing the physical and emotional wounds inflicted upon her.

In Delhi rape case the judgment is still awaited while there has been much debate about the age of the youngest accused and what punishment can he be awarded if found guilty. On his arrest his family came up with a piece of paper to prove that he is a minor. In Mumbai rape case the media reports say that the grandmother’s first statement was that he can’t do such a thing and then she came up with a birth certificate which seems to be forged to prove that he is a minor.

There are many more facts like the accused claiming not to be there or being LURED into RAPING by friends in these cases but I will talk about those later on. These things happen in all the cases ranging from theft to murder but the trend of pleading to be a minor that seems to have started bothers me and fills my heart with so much of anger that is impossible to be expressed in words alone. Anger towards the so called minors who think that they have the license to do anything and get away with it, towards our laws which seemingly are not strong enough to deal with such culprits and deter others from committing such a horrendous crime by setting an example and towards the deteriorating morals of our society where rather than disowning such sons the families keep running from pillar to post to prove that their INNOCENT BOY is incapable of doing such a thing simply because he has not turned 18.

I would like to put across a question here – if in Delhi rape case justice had been served to all the culprits including the minor would the alleged minor accused’s family had tried to prove that he is below 18?

But this seems to have become a sort of past time for these kids to do anything because they know that the day they turn 18 they will be free and till then too they will be kept at a correction facility at most and not at the jail.

But I am afraid, too afraid of all the teenagers that I see on road now days. What if one of them takes fancy to me and decides to rape me with the surety that they will be out of the mess soon even if they are found guilty?


Brutality and escape go hand in hand in India read more to see how….. Culture of rapeIs India Really Free? and Reform Home For Rape and Murder.


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10 Responses

  1. Saru Singhal says:

    What a shame! We need to change our judicial system. I feel sad and angry at the same time.

  2. Aadhya says:

    With the verdict out on the juvenile? in December case knowing that he will be free soon can we think of walking down the roads without a gun in hand

  3. Harsha says:

    As we all know this is India and our Spineless Laws…This juvenile getting out in within 27 months we can expect that he would come out more notorious than he is now,But our Govt. don’t think that way..We are living in a Country where rapist,terrorist enjoy more luxurious than the common people..Sometimes I feel like the Law applied in Saudi Arabia on these types of crimes should be applied here..But then our leaders will say that as India is democratic we can’t have such laws..Ridiculous..

  4. Vidhi says:

    Unless such not so innocent minors are not punished..such crimes will keep on coming..I’m just hating the fact that im part of a country which is encouraging such people by not punishing them :(

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      Exactly, we need to join hands and take this problem to really new heights. A height from where people can see the complete picture and make changes to make India safer. Today there is a little noise kind courtesy the media and the fact that its a girl but can we say that little boys in our country are safer. I really don’t think so.

  5. Vijay says:

    Nice article Athena, exactly my feelings

  6. Diana says:

    The whole point of punishing a criminal is to make him / her think twice about committing a crime in future. Unfortunately, even brutal criminals in this country can escape with a light sentence simply because they are “underage.” If you’re old enough to rape and kill an innocent person, you’re surely old enough to face the consequences. Whatever happened to “punishment befitting the crime?”

  7. Aadhya says:

    Sometimes i feel that primitive and mediaval laws would have dealt with these things more effectively than the current ones.

  1. September 8, 2013

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