Water an Element or Me????

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Water an Element or Me????

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Image courtesy Google

It’s raining and raining and raining. Nopes, I’m not tired of being indoors. In fact I love it. Standing in the balcony and feeling it on my stretched out arms or sitting on my comfy couch right next to the glass wall with a cup of coffee and watching kids riding bike in the water logged street. I love the grey color of the clouded sky and I love the ray of sunlight that plays hide and seek from behind it.

I love it ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Water, one of the five elements, a huge percentage of my physical form, the elixir of life……………………..

Water, the force of destruction, the anger of nature, the unavoidable death……………………………………………

That’s me, that’s you and that’s every single woman. A nurturing mother for her lovely kids and fury personified for the wayward children. That’s what water is. That’s what we all are.

 We love with all we have, care and nurture life in and around us mixing seamlessly and shapelessly with the need and surroundings. We carry life inside us for 09 months and then with us for the rest of our lives. Well, kids never grow up enough to function without their Mommy.

 We are the cooling and thirst quenching elixir for the tired hubby after a long day and the soothing warm touch for the sick kid. We are the shapeless, colorless daughters to be molded delightfully into a woman for our parents and we are the refreshing shower of relief for our brothers after a thrashing by our parents for teasing us and disfiguring our beloved dolls.

We are all this and more.

 We are the disaster kids try to avoid after doing what we call a disaster in the house while we as much as blink and the ultimate authority darling hubby tries not to enrage while simultaneously pretending to be deaf and watching a match on a Sunday when they were supposed to be teaching kids. We are the dictators younger sisters crib about on being scolded for leaving the shared room a mess and we are the nightmares that for some unknown reason God decided to punish our parents with when we fail to learn to make round chapattis.

 And then we are the women who take charge of their lives and families and teach the drunkard men of their village a lesson and we are the girl who kicked her molester in the middle of the road. We are the dancer, the painter, the muse and we are the cab driver, the police women and the doctor.

 We are in part An Element personified – we are what we are – we are water.


 To catch more on women and the five elements try A woman of substance- A substance of five elements.

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